What to Consider When Online Shopping for Window Blinds

Window blinds are one of the most common neglected window accessories that can actually bring an instant update to a home. Window blinds comes a plenty and can be purchased in home depots as well as in online shops. The options are really numerous so picking one could not be considered as a hard task to do. Yet, there are several things to consider when getting one for your homes, especially if you intend to buy one through the internet.

Getting window blinds online might be an easy task for some. However, if this is your first time to choose the perfect one for your home or office via the World Wide Web, it can get overwhelming with all the websites that offer the same products. And of course, there are scammers which are sometimes hard to identify. But don’t fret as we will give you some tips on what you have to consider when online shopping for window blinds.


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Your Taste

You have to visualize what you need and what you want. Of course, you have to consider its beauty and functionality. Look for an online store that gives a decent number of choices so you don’t need to limit yourself. The choosing process should as take as long as you want to. Why settle for something enough when you can get something better or even the best? Take time to choose because this will be an important investment for your home.

Your Budget

This is a no – brainer. You need to know how much you are willing to shell out for window blinds and you better stick to it. But make sure you won’t compromise quality. There are some cheap window blinds that wouldn’t last for a year. If you get those, chances are, you will be spending more. You need to be wise in making a purchase. Go for an online store that gives choices, from the budget – friendly ones to those that are more costly. Solar blinds may be wise investment for your home. But if you do not necessarily need or you might have to tighten up your budget due to purchasing one for your home, consider getting something else.

diario design.jpg

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Sizes of the Window Blinds

The online store that you should choose should be able to provide the accurate sizes of the window blinds. This is to ensure that you are getting the perfect fit for your needs. You have to remember that photos can look different from the actual product. There are some photos which look like it is a big window blinds only to find out that it isn’t. Online websites selling blinds also offers tutorials on how to measure windows when installing blinds. Blinds Online Australia has such videos available on its website.

And lastly, Testimonials

Always look for testimonials or reviews from other sources. It’s one of the ways on how you can see the online store’s credibility. It is always best to do your research before you actually purchase your window blinds online.


Revamping Your Window’s Look (For Less)

Making our homes looks great and in parallel with the prevailing styles and themes of the year when it comes to home design and decoration. However, keeping up with what’s latest and hot can be costly and uneconomical for some homeowners.

Renovations can cause you a lot of money, quite a fortune as others perceived it to be. As windows can help you to have a new home perspective, most of the time the treatments available can be too much. But this 2016, window revamping should not be that critical.

This Old House
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These renovation cost should not prohibit you from updating your home and get on with the new vibes and styles as the year 2016 in home design and decorating is taking on its full blast. Here are some of the inexpensive adjustments that can help you revamp your window’s look:

Re-paint it

Changing the color of the paint of your window can give them a brand new touch. You can pattern the color to this year’s preferred theme. A little bit of style is also needed to make it more functional and attractive in the eyes of many. Re-painting it will also give not just a good look for the windows but a care for the window material as well. Marigold is one of the colors you could try for your windows this year. This pantone color is already making waves in the fashion industry, and will most likely crossover to the home decorating scene as well.

Changing blinds and curtains

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In order to have a new grip of the designs and trends, changing blinds and curtains are a must. In this phase, it creates a new accent to the window and more often gives it a fresh air and ambience that is up to date. Blinds, on the other hand, can serve as a protection of privacy and strengthen security. You can go for block out blind this time around to provide a different look for your homes.

Other Decorative Touches

Better Homes and Gardens.jpg
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Try to put some additional decorative materials for the window – whether a ribbon, a string, or a band that can serve as a highlight of the finishes will do. These decorative materials can fully accessorize things and give emphasize its new look. Pay attention to your window glasses too. You can add stickers or accessorize these areas as well to present a new look for your windows.

Change some framings, if need be

Changing some frames, especially for wooden frames can give the window a new make-up finish. This will make the material more stable and give you the chance to innovate and advance its refinement. Find time to check for loose hinges, rusting irons or other window accessories that needs to be repaired or replaced.

The overall function of your windows depends on how you maximize its efficiency. It is also necessary to keep windows in good working condition to fully utilize them all year round.

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Window Treatment

living room curtains
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I consider windows as the eyes of our homes. It allows us to see the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort and security that our homes provide. A well-dressed window is pleasurable to look at and with the right kind of window treatment attached to them, it can provide practical benefits. However, not all of us are experts when it comes to windows and home décor. To help you with your window treatment problems and dilemma, I have compiled a list of the worst advice I have ever received when it comes to decorating my windows. Stay away from these advice to be able to achieve an energy-efficient and aesthetically beautiful window.

Mistake #1 – The way your window opens is not important

Paradise Valley Villa
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This is one very important detail you should consider before procuring blinds for your homes. Windows have different shapes and sizes. They can either slide up or down or open like a door. If you do not take into consideration this aspect, you might end up having inconvenient blinds or inaccessible windows in your homes.

Mistake #2 – The frequency your windows are used is not critical

Roller - Light Filtering

You should be aware of how your windows and entry ways are used. French doors, for instance, have higher traffic than other entry ways, thus requiring blinds or curtains that will not interfere with traffic. Kitchen windows that are rarely opened can be installed with solar blinds to keep the sun from potentially spoiling the dishes that you prepare inside your kitchen area. There are different designs of solar blinds that will suit with your kitchen’s theme and design you can choose from.

Mistake #3 –You need to block the sunlight completely

snowing outside
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Blinds are window coverings that help in blocking the light. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should completely block the sun from entering your homes. Determine on which direction your window is facing. If it is located at the southern portion, it would be a great window for winter. But during summer time, these windows can heat up the room and make your windows work really hard. Here is where you will need insulation the most. Too much sun, on the other hand, can fade your furniture. On the contrary, too little sun can make the room too gloomy. Choose the right kinds of curtains to diffuse light and provide your homes with a welcoming glow.

Mistake #4 – Privacy is not a very important detail

Photo credit: jinkazamah via Flickr
Photo credit: jinkazamah via Flickr

There are certain types of curtains that still allow light to enter even while completely blocking the view of the inside of your home from the outside. This is a very big plus in a busy community. However, you might want to consider using more translucent blinds if you do not have too many neighbors at bay and you have a fantastic view to relish in from your window.

Mistake #5 – Always go for the expensive window treatments

Your budget is very important when procuring blinds. Never bite of more than you can chew. If UV-filtering blinds do not fit your budget, then do not get them. You do not want to end up in debt or maxing out your credit cards with window treatments purchased. Opt for the most economical yet very functional option for your homes. Always find balance among the style, function and expense you will incur when getting window treatments.

Mistake #6 – All types of blinds will fit every window

Photo credit: Kevin Jaako via Flickr
Photo credit: Kevin Jaako via Flickr

Measuring your windows accurately is very important when purchasing blinds. Windows may have standard sizes (as well as window blinds) but one size does not fit all. Consider the recess of your windows, other fixtures attached to your windows, appliances and furniture attached to them, and even the way you open your windows. Do not assume the size of your windows; measure them accurately to avoid wasting your purchase.

Your window treatments will play a vital role in your home, thus buying one should be taken seriously and should be proceeded with caution. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the most perfect window blinds for your living and other areas without compromising your budget and your home’s total wellness.

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Top Window Treatment Options for Patio Doors

patio door
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Patios, no matter how small, will always lend a peaceful ambiance to a house and expand the space. It is a natural place to linger around for a break whether from office stress or household chores. Patios are often enhanced with potted plants, climbing vines, decorative objects, and comfortable seating. You’re doubly lucky if you have a lovely view, which should be shown to its advantage when selecting window treatments for patio doors.

Patio doors may be standard, sliding, or French doors; channels for natural light for the interiors and access to the exterior. In-out entry should be as seamless as possible so look over the differing styles to meet these functions.

Full Draperies

patio draperies
Photo credit: Elizabeth via Flickr

An end wall patio door is architecturally good, say in a living room. Sofas may be positioned to face out and low back couches placed a meter or less from the patio doors won’t obstruct. Go for full draperies – moderate to heavy side panels and sheer curtains at the center. If you want full closing, then all curtains are movable with full wall measurement of the heavy ones. Drawn, these will leave bunching of the sheer draperies at the center that don’t harm the fabric or detracts from its charm. A cheaper version is to have fewer yardages of stationary panels and only have sheer movable curtains using an unobtrusive cable for hanging with ring clips.

Sliding Shoji Screen

screened porch
Photo credit: Gardening in a Minute via Flickr

A favorite among many for its natural and spare look, it is just as functional and looks great closed or at the sides. The paper screen panels lend beauty and light but may not be a good choice for a household with pets and small children.

Sliding Panels/Woven Wood Shades

It gives a clean uncluttered look in a contemporary way and an excellent choice for those who want something different from the usual curtains and draperies. Sliding panels come in variety of colors, textures, and materials like woven wood shades or any other that works like sliding panels. Panels slide under each other leaving one panel width at the side. See if you like the look.

Sheer Verticals

sheer curtains patio door
Photo credit: kyotoqt via Flickr

Window treatments for patio doors can combine the use of sheer draperies with the reliable vertical blinds as understructure. Use separately, they may not be an inviting option. Together, it brings an airy new look and by rotating the blinds’ vane; it efficiently closes for complete privacy or pull strings for outside access

Side-Mounted Panels

These are stationary side panels made of fabric or of sheer horizontal shades with nothing to obstruct the view and access to the door. Put in a mounted valance, straight or curvy, to frame the door and the view.

Bi-fold plantation shutters

Great ideas to brighten up your porch
Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Flickr

Very functional, it looks good with its old world charm. Free hanging or tracked, these are hinged together and fold against each other to one side or both sides of the window. You can browse for plantation shutters online for inspiration.

Window treatments for patio doors are many and depend on your personal decorating style like casual, formal or eclectic. You may go for flowered, plain, or patterned drapes and valance, hand-painted design on stationary side shade panels, or a vertical honeycomb with a fabric valance over the top that matches the other draperies in the room.

There are other essentials to pay attention to. Install traverse rods or rods with rings, and not tab tops or rod pocket draperies. Buy functional accessories like a wand attached to the first ring of a rod to use for drawing the draperies to avoid a soiled look on that spot. Alternatively, buy tiebacks for an easy reach to the door. Enjoy your days inside and outside patio doors.

7 Beach-Themed Window Design Ideas for Your Home

Small Space Solution: Sunroom Corner with Built-In Beds
Photo credit: PoshSurfside.com via Flickr

When I watched “500 Days of Summer,” I expected the movie to involve year-round sun, surf and sand, and only thirty minutes in did I realize it was a jaded movie meant for the heartbroken and disillusioned. 365 days of summer wouldn’t be too bad when it comes to indoor comfort, but since it’s practically impossible I decided to take matters into my own hands: I adopted a beach theme for my home! You yourself will see beach-themed houses stand out in the neighbourhood; there’s a point to the interior décor, though, at least if you’re living in one.

First things first: make sure your design plans comply with local standards, especially if you’d be doing some renovations. With that out of the way, let’s consider a few ideas to get you started.

indoor window
Photo credit: PoshSurfside.com via Flickr
  1. You’ll be amazed how lighting affects indoor ambiance. Express blinds neatly do the trick, especially for windows facing the sunnier side of the day. I recommend Venetian blinds, though, a staple of beach houses. Venetian blinds regulate instead of block light, and the design is also in-tune with the interior décor.
  1. If there’s one thing beach-themed rooms should emulate, then it should suggest wide open spaces. Or emit a sense there’s surf at the end of the sandbar, at least. Your windows have to be wide and high, but shielded with blinds to prevent glare. Blinds also keep the dust at bay, especially if you live in the arid part of the state.
flimsy curtains
Photo credit: PoshSurfside.com via Flickr
  1. Even if you live way inland, you should still count yourself lucky if you have breezy mornings and afternoons! Capitalize on the advantage and make sure you let the breeze in. I suggest flimsy curtains; think of the curtains in the Buchanan house in “The Great Gatsby,” or something close to it.
big windows
Photo credit: Sean Stark via Flickr
  1. I’m not saying you should skimp on the furniture and fixture, but in beach-themed rooms — less is more. That’s a justified cliché which also saves you money. IKEA is also heaven-sent in house furnishing; you can practically build a home from scratch with its ready-to-assemble furniture. You can also check out window frames and sills which match your indoor theme, at IKEA (shameless plug, yes).
  1. Beach-themed rooms are confined open spaces if there ever was a thing, but it’s important yours is separate from the rest of the house. Your dining room should be separate living space from your living room, for example, and your sleeping rooms respite from the common area. Sliding glass doors are perfect, and you can use express blinds to shut out the light on the hottest hours of the day.
  1. It pays to play with colors and shape, especially in furniture. You can complement the theme with window frames and sills that match, and there are also plenty of window blinds designs you can mix and match.
Custom Upholstery and Interior Design
Photo credit: PoshSurfside.com via Flickr
  1. If you have the money to burn, I suggest you go all out and renovateRenovating is a pain to pay off, but you’ll benefit in the long run, especially if you plan to sell the property. It’s better you lived in renovated home with appreciated value, make the most out of your investment.

A beach-themed home shouldn’t necessarily have a shoreline past the curb, but it helps. In case you live in the inland suburbs, or someplace way off the beaten path, then the theme of an open, airy, modest living space should emulate the same. Express roller blinds are just one of the few options you can check out in window improvements; you’ll be surprised with the variety suppliers have in store.

5 Timber-Themed Window Designs You can Copy

wooden home
Photo credit: Christian Haugen via Flickr

The country vibe in your homes is one of the most interesting and relaxing options perfect for your abode. If you are the type of person who enjoys the laidback lifestyle, timber-themed window designs are the best for your homes.

Timber-themed window designs range from perky country curtains to heavy drapes or custom timber venetian blinds. Bare windows with installed rustic window valances fall into the timber-themed window design as well. The important things that you should always keep in mind when choosing window treatments for your homes are the location of your home, its setting, and the level of privacy you would want to enjoy.

You can go as far as accessorizing and can include pine cones, fishing gears, wildlife-inspired items, and other close-to-nature trinkets that will complete your timber-themed windows.

Here are 5  timber-themed window ideas you can copy for your home:

  1. Bare Windows
bare window
Photo credit: Karen Roe via Flickr

If you have a log or timber home in country setting, you could just leave our windows bare. If you have large windows overlooking private woods, corn fields, or a lake or ocean, having bare windows will allow you to take advantage of the beautiful view. You can also opt to tint the outside of your windows to be able to block the view of your homes from the outside. You’ll get to enjoy your privacy at home even without window coverings.

  1. Rustic Curtains

Rustic kitchen tier curtains or rustic curtains for your bathroom will give you that relaxing vibe that country living offers. Use lighter weight fabrics in these areas. As for the living room and other common areas in the house, you can opt to get country plaid or ginghams to get that timber theme you long for your homes. You can use pine cones or tie backs as hardware to complement with your curtains.

  1. Rustic Drapes

Draperies are great for creating drama into your rooms. I suggest you place your rustic draperies inside your bedrooms for that relaxing ambiance. These are usually made of heavy fabrics and may be hard to clean, but with timber venetian blinds in your bedroom windows, keeping the dirt away from your drapes becomes easy.

  1. Window Blinds and Shades

Window blinds and shades offer superior privacy for places in your homes that require it. You can choose rustic window blinds made of wood or printed with wood grains for plastic and vinyl types. You can go for simple or even have them motorized for easy access and for that modern touch.

  1. Rustic Window Valances

For people who would want to dress up their windows but would not want to block the light or the view, you can opt to use rustic window valances. Use sheer curtains or just simply install that timber-themed window valance for that total country style appealing look.

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8 Bedroom Windows Design Inspiration for Your Homes

BLO Fabric by the Metre - Bedroom Kids
Colorful Window Fabric/BlindsOnline

Our bedrooms are a sanctuary that provide us with an escape from the all the stressful and tiring things we have done the whole day. Bedrooms should be treated as an area conducive for rest and relaxation, and not as another extension of our day jobs. Having enough lighting and allowing fresh air to enter inside our rooms will make it an even more pleasant place to stay and recuperate at after a very tiring day. This is where windows comes in. Having windows that are large enough to allow the sun and the air to come in without having to sacrifice the privacy of the dwelling is thus important.

You can still add drama and style into your rooms but provide comfort as well with these bright and economical ideas.

  1. Serene Entrance
entrance bedroom
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Some rooms enjoy the luxury of having a small space right before the actual bed. To create drama in your private space, a serene entrance with flowing draperies or musical chimes will definitely create that relaxing and tropical relaxing feel inside your homes. You can also opt to choose a glass sliding door with installed blinds or drapes perfect for those private moments.

  1. Luxurious Floor to Ceiling Windows
floor to ceiling windows
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Floor-to-ceiling Windows create that regal feeling inside our homes. You will definitely feel like a Queen or a King looking over the lands you have conquered while standing in front of your massive windows. Your privacy will not be compromised as long as you place shutters or blinds onto these massive openings. Blockout blinds Melbourne are perfect to prevent the sunlight from entering your private abode anytime you want to or need to.

  1. Dark Soothing Colors
dark bedroom
Photo credit: white black via Flickr

Bright colors stimulate our creativity and thinking. Dark soothing colors, on the other hand, stimulate relaxation making such a perfect theme for your rooms. You could opt to have stained glass windows or place blinds with darker tones for that romantic and relaxing ambiance inside your rooms.

  1. Modernized Roman Shades

Roman shades now come in several interesting designs that will suit your room or your personality. It can even serve as the focal point inside your rooms.

  1. Bold Patterns

Windows with bold patterns and moldings creates a certain grand and regal effect for your rooms. Match it together with honeycomb blinds for that special dramatic effect every time the sunlight tries to come in.

  1. Colorful Drapes
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Drapes are also creative ways on how you can decorate your windows. Unfortunately, unlike blinds, they are harder to maintain.

  1. Bedroom Focal Point

Your windows can be your room’s main focal point. You can decorate it with a unique colored window shutter to create an optical illusion in your rooms. Several designs are also available for window drapes and blinds that you can install in your focal windows.

  1. Dual Material Draperies

Besides installing blinds and shutters onto your windows, you can still place draperies in your windows for that homey and dramatic effect. The good thing about this is that the drapes will not accumulate dirt that much thanks to the protection offered by the blinds installed in your windows.

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Why You Should Go for Motorised Blinds


Technology changes every day. Continuous improvements in technology help us in improving the several functions and activities that we do in life. Everything around us is governed by technology. The changes in technology make life and our work easier, simpler, and more convenient.

Home design is already being dominated by technology nowadays. Gates can now be automatically opened and closed, our homes can be kept safe by security alarms and even windows can be motorised as well. Motorised window coverings add up to the list of the improvements in window design and technology.

Natural light is important inside our homes to allow dirt, molds, and other fumes inside our homes to go out. Natural light and air from the outdoors also help ventilate our homes, naturally allowing us to save a few dollars from our electricity bills. An open window also allows us to enjoy and have a glimpse of the beautiful outdoors. Motorised windows can help us make the most out of this simple improvements and surprises in life with convenience.

Imagine yourself not having to get up in bed to open your blinds. With a simple click on the button, you can simply open up your window blinds and enjoy that extra few minutes in bed. You’ll get the feel of the warm morning sun on your cheeks even before you get up.

A lot of people are already starting to embrace the idea of automated windows and window blinds in their homes. It is now becoming a necessity and not merely a trend in our homes.

Modern houses are already starting to incorporate electric blinds and windows in their homes for several reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why motorised shades are now conquering the home design scene.

motorised blinds
Photo credit: Galveston.com via Flickr
  1. Convenience

Imagine having to open high windows everyday and shutting them close at dawn. This could be tiring especially for wall to wall windows or windows on your second floor. You can simply do it in a breeze with motor-powered window blinds.

  1. A good security system

You could organize pre-set timers for your shades. Even when you are still at your office, your window blinds can shut themselves at a scheduled time. Accessing your blinds and opening them up before actually entering your home is also possible. Control is something you can fully enjoy with automated window blinds.

  1. No more tangled wires

Having motorised window blinds eliminates those cords and wires in your window shades. You do not have to worry about kids playing around the cords of your blinds anymore. A classic and elegant appeal is also added into your homes with the aesthetic appeal that cord free window blinds offers.

Motorised blinds are indeed one of the best advancement in home design available nowadays. They have become a top necessity for modern and convenient home living.

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Why Vertical Blinds Will Suit Your Home Best

vertical blinds
Photo credit: Vertical Blinds via Blinds Online (Pinterest)

Adding glamour and class to one’s home can be done in a breeze with blinds. Small spaces in your homes can look grand and spacious with a little tweak in your decorations and furniture. Blinds are so versatile they can create a different look for your homes with ease and without having to break your budget.

Vertical blinds are the best option when it comes to changing the look of your homes. They provide the security and efficiency just like other blind types but their versatility offers so much, making it a popular choice among homes and dwellings.

Windows play a vital role in allowing clean air to circulate inside our homes. It also allows light to enter in our homes making it an essential fixture in our homes that should be taken into consideration inside our homes. Besides having the right window sized for our homes, decorating them accordingly with air circulation and lighting should be kept in mind.

blinds and lamp shade
Photo credit: Vernon Hyde via Flickr

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular blinds that are considered as an affordable way to decorate your homes. There is a massive range of materials and designs available for vertical blinds in the market, providing homemakers an impressive number of designs and types to choose from. Surprisingly, these types of blinds are now available in spontaneous colors, bringing a different kind of aura in one’s home.

patio door
Photo credit: Devon D’Ewart via Flickr

Patio doors and very large windows are the ones that require much attention in homes. With vertical blinds, worrying about having bulky curtains and dealing with numerous meters of drapes will be put to a stop. Simply install vertical blinds in these areas and see them transform into fabulous from drab.

Cleaning is also a very easy. Having vertical slats will not keep dirt, thus dusting or washing your blinds can be done once in a month at the least. If one’s blinds get soiled, homeowners can easily detached the slats and clean them individually. Still, it saves a lot of time and effort compared to dealing with a massive laundry of curtains.

Finally, having vertical blinds at home implies that you have full control on the amount of light that enters your home. You can simply adjust the amount of light by adjusting the chain tilt and the cord draw. Simply adjust these slats according to your needs and wants. Latest versions of the vertical blinds can now tap into solar energy and emit warmth during cold season. Several techno-savvy versions of vertical blinds Melbourne are expected to be released in the market in the very near future.

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Breakdown on Popular Window Coverings

Windows are essential fixtures in our homes that allow light and air to come inside our homes. It is important to pay attention to these areas to take advantage of the provisions these features offer, not just to save time and money but also to create a total wellness inside our homes with a fraction of the cost.

We can enhance and improve the conditions and security inside our homes simply by opting for several variations of window coverings available in the market. Listed below are a few of the common and popular window blinds perfect for our homes (as well as the benefits they offer).

Cellular Shades

Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, allow sunlight to enter in our homes with a warm and captivating filtering effect. You get to enjoy the warm sun inside your home without having to sacrifice too much of your privacy with this type of window coverings. They are also constructed in a way that keeps heat and cold out, making them a perfect window accessory all-year round.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds - Light Filtering

Roller blinds Melbourne have been a favorite when it comes to innovations in windows and home design. They are now created to become more durable and are less likely to get stuck and jammed, a problem encountered in the earlier versions of the roller shades. It comes in a complete blackout design of several lighting preferences as per required in your homes.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Popularly known as horizontal blinds, this window covering is considered as one of the standards when it comes to window accessories. They are usually made of plastic and vinyl and operated by a pull string or turn switch. Modern blinds can now be motorized especially in hard to reach high windows, and there are also blinds made of timber, metal, and hardwood thes days.

Roman Shades

Roman Blinds - Light Filtering

Roman shades usually create a tropical vibe inside our homes. They are made of bamboo style, woven fabric and are drawn up from the bottom or strings creating horizontal folds when raised. When the shades are completely drawn to a close, they look like a completely flat panel.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most popular and affordable types of window blinds. They are perfect for tall windows as well as sliding glass doors. The panels can be easily adjusted with a string or a turn switch. Common materials used for these blinds include aluminum and plastic, as well as fabric-colored selections.

Window Panels

Window panels are often mistaken as curtains because they are usually made from panels of fabric. They are usually used in covering closet doorways and sliding doors. It can also be used as room dividers.

Traditional Shutters


This type of window covering works for both the interior and exterior of windows. It is often made of wood and other sturdy materials which more often creates a dramatic effect when light seeps in. It has slats that are around an inch and a half and can be adjusted to determine the amount of light the user wants to come in.

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