2015 At A Glance: My Fave Posts

Few days left before 2015 ends, the run down on how the year has been is already starting. Moreover, the moments of the current year will soon turn to memories once 2016 comes. Several years of blogging and sharing my ideas have been a blast and I look forward in sharing more of my creative ideas in the coming New Year.

Various blog posts have been made throughout the year; some became hit, some helped many. I am featuring some of my favorite blog posts for this year, hoping it was one of the favorite of my readers too.

Modern Design Inspiration in Home Decorating

I have always enjoyed staying at home and I do get a lot of free time in my hands when the kids are now around. Thus I have managed to compile several interesting ideas and design that will work for Moms who would want to apply a modern look and design for their homes.

This year, I have decided to add a few interesting colors at home. Natural hues inspired by wood and nature have been my favorite theme for this year especially for the outdoors. Oh, and I would love to mention that I have finally completed my kitchen island this year. I now enjoy a bigger place where I can prepare while cooking. My kids also love eating breakfast at the kitchen island. They sometime spend time doing assignments there as well so that I could help them out even while I am cooking. I practically applied a lot of the ideas in this specific post to my home as well. I also installed outdoor blinds in our deck area for the modern yet relaxing look even outdoors.

Storage & Dividers as Decorative Pieces at Home

Removing clutter and enjoying movable space has been my aim this year and I am quite successful in doing it. Smart storage devices and dividers have been a staple in our home to keep everything in their place and everything organized.

One particular idea that I have adapted from this post is the smart way to camouflage my trash bin outdoors. Made out of old palettes of wood, I have managed to create a box where I can hide my trash bin. It has a lovely top where you can place flower pots. I can simply roll in and roll out my trash bin inside its box. It is a very convenient way to keep the dogs out of my trash as well.

Early Christmas Decorating Ideas

Of course, my best favorite blog post for this year is my Christmas Decorating Tips blog post. The child in me always lights up whenever I think about Christmas and I would want my kids to experience and feel the same excitement as well. To keep the Christmas spirit high at home, installing Christmas decors at an early date is a must. The front deck is definitely bright and shining every night with the décor that I have put up there together with my kids. I even took time to create a small ginger bread house out of the dog house we have in the backyard. Christmas lights and wreaths are also a plenty around the house creating that lively and fun vibe.

I may have written a lot of blog posts that made through the limelight for the year 2015, but the aforementioned posts – from different categories – are just some of the informative, fun and memorable ones that made an impact to me this year.


Early Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you running out of great ideas for Christmas decorations this coming 2015? Worry no more because you happen to be in the right place. Read further and get tips, ideas and encouragement on how to transform your home into a warm and accommodating place ready for the holidays. Whether you are up for a new modern design for your home this coming Christmas or in favor of the usual traditional decors, you’ll get a few helpful and creative ideas in this article. Be ready to explore, stick with the basics and to test your creativity, after all, Christmas is the best time of the year to bring the best out of your imagination to give life and justice to the most favorite season in the globe.

There are many ways on how you can decorate your homes this Christmas. But what makes its more interesting and challenging for home decorators is creating a personalized Christmas theme that fits with the personality of the whole family.

To rev up the celebration and start with the basic decorations, here are the iconic symbols of Christmas that you shouldn’t miss installing in your homes for this coming holiday season.

Christmas Lights

Photo Credit: blog.styleestate.com via Pinterest

This is the very basic decorating piece that you should have installed in your homes for this coming holiday season. Be sure that all your Christmas lights are properly working and no wires and lamps are busted to avoid potential risks and fires that may be caused by faulty wirings. Christmas lights are often installed in your windows, doorways, around the roof and your Christmas trees. Be sure that the lights that you are using outdoors are indeed intended for outdoor use.


Photo Credit: lifehack.org via Pinterest

Garlands are basic decorative pieces that are used around the perimeter of the window, the rails of the stairs, around the Christmas tree and other openings in your homes. Be sure that these garlands will not interfere with your transitional blinds and other window coverings. Christmas balls and flowers are also often attached to these garlands to add a splash of color and interest in them. Some garlands comes in green, red and other festive colors for Christmas.


Photo Credit: etsy.com via Pinterest

Wreaths are most of the time located in the fireplace area and on the doors. You can practically have a wreath installed in every door in your home. To make things interesting, you can experiment with colors and materials used in creating your wreaths for varying looks in different areas of your home.

Center pieces

Photo Credit: christmas.365greetings.com via Pinterest

Center pieces can either be Christmas balls placed in a basket, poinsettias or Christmas candles. It all depends on what you prefer to have for your tables as Christmas decorations. What I love the most are Christmas candles with small Christmas balls and garlands decorated around the base of the candle.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree
Photo Credit: sosimplestephanie.hubpages.com via Pinterest

The Christmas tree is also a must in every household. This is where Santa drops of his gifts every Christmas night. You can stick with the usual Christmas balls and stars for your Christmas tree decorations or have something different this year like golden or blue leaves, candy canes, stuff toys or even small Christmas gifts.

Santa Claus items

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com via Pinterest

St. Nicholas is also a staple for Christmas. Homes with second floors can hang Santa Claus figurines and stuff toys from the stairs or ceilings. You can also have a dancing Santa at your door ready to greet your visitors on Christmas day.

Christmas stockings

Photo Credit: blovlyevents.com via Pinterest.com

Kids will never miss their Christmas stockings, even adults too. Hang them by the fireplace. To make each one personal you could sew your names into it or have your names embellished with gems to make it stand out in case Santa drops by your house.

You can add a few more decorative pieces to make your home unique and looking extra special this coming Christmas. However, do not miss the basic Christmas symbols enumerated above to keep the Christmas spirit alive and shining in your homes this coming Christmas Day of 2015.

Storage and Dividers as Decorative Pieces at Home

You can decorate your homes without having too much clutter and without spending too much by using your storages and dividers as your main attraction in your homes. With a little ingenuity and creativity, a dull wall can turn into a lovely focal point in your homes with a little bit zazzle and dazzle here and there.

Here are some of the cool ideas that you can do to your storage pieces and room dividers at home to provide an instant look for your abode.

Go vertical

Photo Credit: onegoodthingbyjillee.com via Pinterest

To save on space and to make the most out of your room dividers, you can add a few spaces, like pieces of woods and plastics to decorate and provide storage spaces for your little decors, books and other little trinkets at home. You can simply attach small pieces of wood to your room dividers to create a pattern and provide additional storage space for your homes. You can also hang pictures, art works and other interesting visuals onto your room dividers to make them look more interesting.

Mix and match colors

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com via Pinterest

Colors can bring an instant uplift to any home. You can add colors to your room dividers as well as your storage boxes to bring a different kind of vibe into your homes. Bring colored ottomans would be lovely additions in your living area as well as in your bedrooms. As for walls, you can paint a room divider with parallel lines in different colors to create a work of art out of your room dividers. There are many ideas and colors to explore when it comes to which will make your room dividers and storage spaces stand out.

Place interesting pieces

Photo Credit: diyecraftsmag.com via Pinterest

Interesting pieces of arts like drift woods, abstract objects, feathers and other decorative pieces made of unique materials can be incorporated in your room dividers. To create a different look, you can even have your room dividers created with design. Create circles into your room dividers to create a silhouette design. You can also install lights onto your room dividers to bring a different kind of glow into it especially during the night.

You can also opt for curtains as your room dividers at home. Take advantage of curtains online sale to purchase a curtain that would interestingly look great as a room divide for your home. This is also a safe option when you have kids running around at home.

Go for dual purpose furniture

Photo Credit: ana-white.com via Pinterest

As for storage spaces, you can go the extra mile and have dual purpose furniture. The sides of your sofa can hold a piece of leather where remote controls can be neatly tucked in place. The bottom of your kitchen island can hold dishes and other kitchen utensils. The bottom of your stairs can be a koi pond or a reading nook. Ottoman and center tables nowadays can also act as storage spaces.

Experiment with finishes

Photo Credit: listotic.com via Pinterest

Go for varying finishes for your storage areas and room dividers for an extra touch of creativity in your homes. There are many types of finishes to choose from. You can have wood, plastic, metal and stone as your finishing. Natural finishing is one of the latest trends in home decorating that you can adapt in your living areas.

Again, creativity goes a long way when it comes to decorating your homes. Get the extra spaces and achieve a new look for your home with storage pieces and room dividers.