DIY Home Decorating Ideas: Free Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered as one of the places in our home where we spend a lot of time in. We sleep, dress-up study and relax in this area. Unfortunately, he bedroom is also one of the most neglected parts of our home with stinky socks at the bottom of your bed and mixed clean and dirty clothes in the floor With all the clutter and dirt around, decorating seems to be close to impossible. However, giving up is not an option. You can still improve the look of your bedrooms, even on a budget. Here are some ideas you can follow.


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Opt for a new room layout

Rearrange the furniture inside your room. A fresh arrangement that allows you to move can give your room a new feel. Do not be afraid to try new angles for your furnishings. You can even place your bed right at the very middle of your room and enjoy the possibilities that you can do now that you have four walls, or more to experiment with when it comes to design and storage.

Decorate with items that are already available inside your room

You can even use scarves, pillowcases and other items that are already available in your bedrooms and your home as a whole to decorate and compliment with the color scheme that your home already has. You can add a nightstand or perhaps some shawls over your cabinets to soften the look of your dresser. You can even check for cheap venetian blinds for sale around your area to include as an additional accessory for your bedroom.

Consider adding green plants in your room.

Look around your house to see if one of your existing plants would be happier in your bedroom, then move it there! If you can’t find a plant ready for relocation, make one! Many plants can be grown from cuttings, either your existing houseplants, one a friend may let you cut, or even some outdoor plants. Ivy and many shade groundcovers are very good houseplants. You can even relive your childhood a bit and grow a cut potato, pineapple, or carrot tops in a pinch! For containers, look into your kitchen cupboards. Old teapots and cups, glass bowls, even baking dishes can make unique containers.

Consider creating a memorabilia board or wall

pikture planet.jpg

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You can display photos of your kids on your bedroom wall or have a corkboard place in a corner where all your favorite pictures can be creatively pinned for display. Framing old love letters would also be a great idea you can include in redesigning your bedrooms.

Just a few changes in your room, simple ones that can be dome for free or at a low cost can offer a more refreshing and rejuvenating place you can come home to and spend time with your love ones.


Choosing Hurricane Window Protection

Hurricane window protection helps safeguard the most vulnerable part of your house in the event of a storm. High winds can send projectiles flying through your windows. The high pressure that results from the glass break can either blow out the windows on the other side or take off your roof. Proper protection is essential to prevent this from happening to you.


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Choosing Hurricane Window

Here are some things to consider when choosing window protection for your home:

How easy is the product to install? Can you do it yourself, or will you need to hire a professional? It is not as simple as installing roller blinds on sale.

Consider the cost of the product. If you can DIY, the cost will be less.

How easy will it be to prepare the home for an impending storm? Are the shutters fixed to the home, or will you need to hang them?

Consider the areas you need protected. Take into consideration windows and doors. Don’t forget the garage door, which may need additional support.


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Shutters for Hurricane Window Protection

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters come in either one or two pieces. They are permanently attached to the sides of the window, so you won’t need to take them on and off the house. They unfold to cover the window, like an accordion. They are easy to close for one person and lock with a key.

Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters attach above the windows and are propped open when not in use. This has an additional benefit of providing shade from the sun. When needed, lower the shutters and secure to the wall. This job is easily done by one person.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial style hurricane shutters come in two pieces and have a louvered design. They are attached to both sides of the window and are easily closed when needed. Most use a storm rod to lock them in place. These are good for decoration as well as protection.

Roll Down Shutters

Roll down shutters are attached to the wall above the windows. The shutters are stored in a closed box. When needed, push a button to lower them and lock them in place. These are more expensive, but offer excellent protection. Look for a system that has a battery back-up. This will allow you to open them in the event of a power failure.

Storm Panels

Storm panels are made of either aluminum or steel. They attach to the window on tracks. Each piece overlaps for increased strength. You will need to install these prior to a storm. The panels slide into the tracks and are bolted. This can be cumbersome and you may need help in putting them up.

Special Glass for Hurricane Windows

Impact resistant glass is a fairly new product. This is becoming very popular in new home construction for homes in hurricane prone areas. They are available for both windows and sliding glass doors. Since the window is always there, you don’t need to do anything to prepare for bad weather.

These can be added to existing homes, but can be very expensive. This is not a do it yourself job. You will need a professional installer to do the job right. If not properly installed, your home will not be protected. The glass in these windows meets current codes in Florida for home protection.


Choosing Quality Bedding For Comfort And Fashion

If you are considering redecorating your bedroom, one of the easiest ways to add some extra flair and comfort without too many extra books is to simply invest in a new set of bedding.

Bedding fashions are right in step with other fashion trends, and that means that floral patterns are out and solid color combinations are in. You should pick a color scheme that coordinates with your room color as well as the furniture in your bedroom. Also consider the other accessories in your bedroom such as paintings, rugs, and mirrors before selecting bedding that will compliments the room and achieve the style and effect you are after.


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Nothing beats a good duvet for looks or for style. You can buy duvet covers in many different styles, and a duvet is a very comfortable replacement for the traditional quilt. Remember to buy both an inner and outer cover for your duvet, and if you are allergy prone look into alternatives to the goose feather or down stuffed duvet. Watch out, because testing by the Federal Food and Drug Agency has determined that no material is truly hypoallergenic, as most materials could cause a negative reaction even if it’s a minute portion of the population. Based on these findings, the United States Supreme Court struck down the FDA’s definition of hypoallergenic, and thus there is no real standard for what the term actually means. Companies who manufacture duvets could technically market any product as hypoallergenic.

Microfiber is also a material you may want to consider for your beddings. It is smooth, easy to maintain, comfortable and really relaxing and rejuvenating to use especially during those cold nights. Consider lighter materials like cotton sheets during summer and hot weathered seasons. Getting a color that matches with your cheap plantation shutters might also be a good idea to consider when fashion is on your mind.

You will want to do your research on the company and how they approach their research before purchasing one of their “hypoallergenic” bedding products. Also, keep in mind that materials such as cotton, wool, and silk very rarely causes allergic reactions, so the odds are that you are safe in buying a duvet stuffed with them or other bedding made of these fabrics. The same is true of manufactured sheets and bed liners.

Color scheme is important to consider when choosing your bedding design for practical as well as fashionable reasons. There are bedding color schemes in darker colors, but these tend to stain. Remember as well to buy a liner for your mattress.

Finally, a bed skirt adds a beautiful and classy touch to any bedding fashion scheme.

Top Must Have for your Chic Condo Unit

Living in a condo unit sometimes hampers your capability to design and decorate due to its limited space. This is true, but there is no book in the world that says that you can’t. Achieving that chic style condo is all about knowing what to do and what to have. Here are some tips and must- have that could help you achieve that chic style condo unit you have always dreamed of.

Space saving furniture

Michelle Rinosa Sy.jpg

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Since you are restricted to work in a small area, it is a good idea to maximize all the space you have. If you are into reading books, why not create a bookshelf that piles up from your floor up to your ceiling. Not only that it can save space, but also serves as good divider and a centerpiece. Also, have those multi-purpose furniture available as this would add that wow factor to your condo. Imagine having a cabinet that converts into your own home office, or a table that seats four that you could extend to eight if needed.

Layered walls


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Add layers to your walls and it would definitely give you that chic vibe. Adding layers gives character to your place may it be as simple as a wallpaper to a more artistic look such as an exposed brick wall or a graffiti art work. You can even add textiles to give that extra sensory experience.

A Mini Bar

A savvy condo unit won’t be complete without a mini bar. After a hard day’s work, you need to relax so it would be nice to have a place to chill without leaving the confines of your home. Stock pile it with your favorite drinks, and a bottle of fine wine. Now, you have everything you need.

Big Opened Windows

my house idea

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Some condos do not have the luxury of having wide open windows due to safety purposes. However, it would be great to maximize the use of your windows to save energy cost indoors and to simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. You can have external roller blinds from Blinds Online’s website to enjoy both privacy and access to your windows inside your condo unit.

With these tips, you will now be ready for some grown-up pajama party with your girlfriends. Yes, you read that right. Nothing makes a condo so chic than having your best buds over for some girly fun!

Are your Window Coverings Safe for your Children?

Prior to aesthetics, safety is the first consideration that we should always take into account in our homes. Sometimes, even the simplest things can cause harm to our family and loved ones, particularly children. Ordinary household fixtures, just like pull cord and window strings, can pose a threat to our kids. The risk of strangulation on even younger children is high as they go around the house exploring these seemingly harmless items.

motorized window treatments.jpg

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission urges buyers and consumers of window blinds and coverings to check their window furnishings and fix all possible dangerous cords and loops that may pose a threat to babies and children in their household. Parents and guardians should always keep their children as far as possible from all types of cords at home. Several mandatory standards for internal blinds, curtains, and window fittings have already been established since 2010 and should apply to all brands of blinds and window coverings in Australia. These standards are also mandatory for window installation services and have come to effect early January this 2015.

Even with existing standards already established for window treatments at home, there are several tips a home maker should consider before purchasing and installing blinds in their home.

Pre-purchase Considerations

Brand name and quality are not just the factors that one should consider prior to buying window treatments. Several safety design features should be present in your window blinds purchase to lessen the potential risk it may offer to your children at home once it is installed.

  1. Blinds should have warning labels to remind you of the potential dangers it could bring to your children.
  1. Window treatments should have access on how to secure cords and chains, leaving no loops or strands that children may potentially reach.
  1. It should operate and function in a way that no loose or exposed cords or chains will be present.

Things to Remember when Installing Blinds

Installing your blinds properly, away from possible areas where kids could climb and get hold of your cords and window looped chain, is the next step to keep your kids safe from your window covering cords. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when doing so.

  1. Do not leave looped cords and loose strands hanging down. Be sure to inform your installer or consider this when installing your blinds. They should also fit snugly onto your windows. You can read guides on how to measure your windows prior to buying vertical blinds from Blinds Online Australia.
  1. Get rid of the looped cords if possible by cutting the cord and installing tassels instead.
  1. Tie-downs or cleats and tension devices can be used to enclose cords and chain loops to secure it away from your children’s reach. You can get these from window furnishing stores and hardware shops.
  1. Keep in mind to fix tie-downs and tension devices firmly on the wall or onto the window frame itself so that children will not be able to remove it. Avoid using materials that could not support weight like double tapes of glue. Nail or screw them tightly in place.

General Window Treatments Safety at Home

Safety against possible hazards from window coverings should be also practiced daily at home. Here are points you should remember.

  1. Check every room in your home daily for blinds and curtains that have long dangling cords that are either looped or loose. Include all cords visible that may be reached by children or ones that are located near furniture where they could climb at.
  1. Do not put cot, beds, high chairs, bookcases, or playpens near the window where kids can potentially reach your blinds and curtains. This can strangle their necks during play or even while sleeping.
  1. Always supervise children while in any room where they could possible reach blinds and curtain rods. Accidental strangulation can still happen anytime even with these precautions taken seriously. It goes without saying that leaving your kids unsupervised is a major mistake you should never do.

Keeping your kids safe and away from the risks that curtain cords and blinds looped chain may bring is possible through keen supervision and awareness of what’s dangerous for your kids and what is not.


Practical Home Improvement: Make the Most of What You Already Have at Home

Home improvement projects, when planned right, may not be too expensive as you think. It doesn’t necessarily require you to spend thousands of dollars in renovating your home. The important thing to consider is to keep your home sound, clean, and conducive for a happy and creative family. Creativity is what will help you save in remodeling and planning your renovation budget for your home.


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Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you in making the most out of what you already have at home without having to deal with a financially draining renovation budget.

  1. Choose the improvements that will add value to your home

Whether you are planning to stay in your home for the long run or have future plans to find a nice and bigger place that’s a closer community to your workplace, always consider renovations that will keep or increase the value of your home. Do you have a big nice lawn left untended? Spend time at home during weekends planting flower beds or trees in your property. You are making use of an empty and unclaimed space while adding value to your property at the same time.

  1. Go for home improvement projects that are timely and easy to do

It is better to deal with several minor issues in your home rather than procrastinating and then later on spending more money on big/major renovation and repair projects. Are your fences starting to fade? Repaint as soon as your budget and time permit you to do so. Paint will not only make your fence look great but will protect your fence from rotting or deteriorating further due to wear-and-tear changes and the weather. Managed to save a pail of paint from this project? You can use this to paint pots in your garden or your garage door screaming with dew or grease.

the gardening cook.jpg

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  1. Decide whether to hire a contractor or to DIY

Not all home improvements will require you to hire a contractor. You do not necessarily have to hire a professional every time you see problems in your home. Having problem with water leaks in your laundry area? Check for a spare PVC tube in your garage before calling for a plumber. Always look for possible solutions and alternatives inside your home before going out and buying stuff you won’t probably need in the long run. This will save you time and money at the same time. As for big projects that may compromise the structural stability of your home, leaving the job for a professional to look after to is a better option than attempting to solve your problem all by yourself. Panel blinds Perth will be a great starter project you could try at home. As you learn new things, starting with installing temporary blackout blinds, you’re most likely to improve as you go further in exploring other small and easy-to-do DIY home improvements.

  1. Practice your home improvement skills

Whether you are dealing with big or small home improvement projects in your home, being involved physically is important. You should take the opportunity to learn something new from a professional who has helped you in a home improvement project. Doing projects at home all by yourself also allows you to practice and improve in a specific skill that you have. Google simple DIY projects you can try at home or attend seminars and classes that will help you in learning new things related to home improvement, DIY crafts, and simple renovation projects.

  1. Find inspiration right at your home

Pinterest is one of the best places you can check out for home improvement ideas. You can practically improve your home with your bare hands, talent, and creativity, so to speak. You just have to go visit the proper channels and explore what’s currently trending out there.

Home improvement projects are fun and can be a time for bonding among family members. Grabbing a pen and paper and laying out your dream home improvement ideas is the first step to creating a better look and cozier atmosphere for your home.


Tips to Follow when Decorating with Neutrals

Neutral designs, just like blacks and whites are considered as classic. Neutrals have managed to resurrect itself silently in the home design industry and became a hot trend. It s become a staple in glamorous and rich homes as well as small cottages and houses aiming for the laid back, relaxing and contemporary style. Neutrals include black, browns, taupe, beige, gray, ivory, white and almost everything in between these shades. It offers a clean, uncluttered look radiating a serene feel for homes. They also shy away from being boring but offers a compelling and interesting home for many.

Here are some of the best way to decorate and mix and match neutrals for your home decor.

Applying texture

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Texture is one of the most important elements if you would want to keep away from having your neutral decor boring. It is the most important element in design that will add an interesting and different appeal for your home decor and style. Texture ranges from soft, nubby, weave, rough, bumpy and even tone to tone patterns.

Architecture and shapes

Shapes and architectural details help in making neutral color palates noticed. This can also bring life to any room. Having interesting shapes for your chairs and carpets makes decorating fun for your homes. Room dividers also offer a vast opportunity in creating architectural details or locating shapes adding more features to an area inside your home. Motorized blinds Melbourne is one of the great ideas that can add modern architectural shapes in your home.

Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog via Pinterest

Varying hues

It is important to use several tones and shades when decorating in neutral. Do not stick with a plain white room when you can actually add a few touches of beige or brown to make the place look even better. There are a lot of varied and subtle neutral hues to play around with when painting and decorating your homes.

Add pops of color

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Bring life to a room by adding a big pop of color in a neutral room. This can be in a form of a wall or a decorating piece. Add spice or even a focal point inside a neutral room by placing metallic hues or bold colors to contrast with the existing design of the room. A big metallic mirror on a neutral wall looks great or a big vase with colourful flowers as your centrepiece in a brown and beige inspired room.

Decorating with white and other neutral shades can still be fun and interesting with these useful tips. You can easily create drama and highlight a particular items or area in your living spaces with this noticeable yet complimentary designs that will mix and match well with your neutral decors and home design.

Victorian Style Revival Plans for Your Homes

There is such an endearing appeal that Victorian style homes offers. Although the average person may see this type of home impractical and too extravagant, the unpredictability and unique feature of the Victorian designed home is truly endearing. It is well-known for its steeply pitched cross-gable roof, its iconic one-story porch. The Gothic revival complexity that these design offers also features several other interesting features, features you might want to consider having the next time you build your house.

Photo Credit: Old House Dreams via Pinterest

Pointed arch windows and bay windows with decorative accents

Thermal blinds may not be a common sight in these Victorian homes but this home design offers vividly decorate windows that are sometimes filled with stained glass or stained glass panels. Bay windows on the other hand can either be walk-out versions. Windows in Victorian homes also have built-in benches.

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Intersecting gables that are often asymmetrical

Varied roof lines and asymmetrical designs is what the Victorian era is also known for. Each home is individual and unique. From the window styles to the architectural details, you’ll definitely enjoy and embrace a lot of personality with this type of design.

Narrow and tall

What’s great about Victorian homes is that they are often designed narrow and tall making it possible to build them even in a small lot. Most Victorian homes are usually three-storey tall and have a full-sized basement to provide more space even with the small area of land it occupies.

Features towers and turrets

A castle like tower or turret is also one of the iconic features that Victorian homes possess. They are often used as a bedroom or a library. The castle feel of this type of home is indeed very impressive and will bring you back to the old days of Princesses and damsels in distress.

Photo Credit: Going Reno via Pinterest

This fanciful architecture became popular in the United States from 1875 up until the turn of the century. This personalized piece of beauty has been created in an infinite number of ways creating the several varieties of styles we all mesmerize at. The great thing about the design is that Victorian homes are like snowflakes, each is unique from the other. So if you dream of having a very unique home for your family, a few touches of Victorian style can do the work.

Revamping Your Window’s Look (For Less)

Making our homes looks great and in parallel with the prevailing styles and themes of the year when it comes to home design and decoration. However, keeping up with what’s latest and hot can be costly and uneconomical for some homeowners.

Renovations can cause you a lot of money, quite a fortune as others perceived it to be. As windows can help you to have a new home perspective, most of the time the treatments available can be too much. But this 2016, window revamping should not be that critical.

This Old House
Photo Credit: This Old House via Pinterest

These renovation cost should not prohibit you from updating your home and get on with the new vibes and styles as the year 2016 in home design and decorating is taking on its full blast. Here are some of the inexpensive adjustments that can help you revamp your window’s look:

Re-paint it

Changing the color of the paint of your window can give them a brand new touch. You can pattern the color to this year’s preferred theme. A little bit of style is also needed to make it more functional and attractive in the eyes of many. Re-painting it will also give not just a good look for the windows but a care for the window material as well. Marigold is one of the colors you could try for your windows this year. This pantone color is already making waves in the fashion industry, and will most likely crossover to the home decorating scene as well.

Changing blinds and curtains

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In order to have a new grip of the designs and trends, changing blinds and curtains are a must. In this phase, it creates a new accent to the window and more often gives it a fresh air and ambience that is up to date. Blinds, on the other hand, can serve as a protection of privacy and strengthen security. You can go for block out blind this time around to provide a different look for your homes.

Other Decorative Touches

Better Homes and Gardens.jpg
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

Try to put some additional decorative materials for the window – whether a ribbon, a string, or a band that can serve as a highlight of the finishes will do. These decorative materials can fully accessorize things and give emphasize its new look. Pay attention to your window glasses too. You can add stickers or accessorize these areas as well to present a new look for your windows.

Change some framings, if need be

Changing some frames, especially for wooden frames can give the window a new make-up finish. This will make the material more stable and give you the chance to innovate and advance its refinement. Find time to check for loose hinges, rusting irons or other window accessories that needs to be repaired or replaced.

The overall function of your windows depends on how you maximize its efficiency. It is also necessary to keep windows in good working condition to fully utilize them all year round.

New Year Cleaning Done Simple

New Year is the time of the year where you are given the chance to de-clutter and make everything else around the house organized to welcome a good year ahead. It is a holiday so every able body is around the house to help you out with the task. Cleaning is not that simple as it looks and thus, more often than not, requires a lot of energy for the overhaul. Grab the chance to spend the extra holidays more, cleaning the house, involving the whole of the family.

clean and scentsible.jpg
Photo Credit: Clean and Scentsible via Pinterest

Cleaning can be complicated at times but there are several techniques to use to make New Year cleaning fun, productive successful and of course, very simple. Here are some tips to get you started:

Brit Morin.jpg
Photo Credit: Brit Morin via Pinterest

First, make a to-do list

If you are planning for a complete overhaul and an intense de-cluttering inside your home, it is advisable to make a to-do list so you know where you can start and what areas are your priorities. Moreover, this will also help you to do the work in a good time pacing that will make you still productive in different areas. Having a list also allows you to make a run down on the current inventory you have at home. Too many side tables left stocked at your attic? It may be time to do a garage sale or to donate to charity. A list is a guide and will help in avoiding lapses in the tasks that you intend to do.

Throw away things you think are not beneficial anymore

De-cluttering and throwing away things that you cannot use can save you a lot of space. But, in cases that these things still can have some use – you can recycle or even sell them in a low price so others can benefit from it. Saving spaces is indeed a good idea if you want to have a light feel and a brand new atmosphere at home. These also include outfits you have inside your closet as well as bags and other accessories. Anything that is left lying around for three months of more should be disposed of.

Divide and Label

Make things more organized by dividing them into good boxes or containers and start labeling them so you do not get confused when you start needing the things you kept in these boxes. In addition, it can give you more freedom on what to do next with your stuff. Christmas decors that you have used this year can be neatly placed in a clear box with labels so that you can re-use them for next Christmas. This also applies to other themed home decors you have at home.

Get rid of the dust

Dust can be present when things were kept for such a long period of time. Sometimes, it can damage things up and most of the time can ruin your home items. In accordance, getting of the dust can have your things to have a new look and impressions as it will be cleaned and refreshed. A dust free home is also great for the health of the family. Fresh air can be breathed, literally from a dust-free home. Window shades can accumulate a lot of dust when not attended too.

Start the year right and clean inside your homes with the simple cleaning tips and ideas you can apply for your New Year cleaning, this year, at home. Make cleaning a fun and bonding time for the family as well as you all help hand in hand in making your home better and brighter this New Year.