Join the Green Revolution: Start at Your Own Home

Photo Credit: Curbly via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Curbly via Pinterest

The Earth has been suffering for more than a decade and it will continue to suffer if we all fail to do our part in saving what’s still left in our environment. The Green Revolution has been around for quite some time with the aim to salvage what’s left of the environment and hopefully help in renewing the natural resources that have depleted due to man’s wrong doings.

I strongly believe that small steps can lead to big changes is done as a team. This is what we can all do to help save the environment. We should all work as a team and start inside our own homes to help, even in our own little ways in starting change and saving the environment.

Segregate and Separate

This is very easy to do but some still fails to do it. To be able to become successful in doing so, having multiple trash bins in your home with labels should do the trick. Do this rigorously or assigned a family to do the checking weekly to make sure that this is strictly implemented inside your home.

You can later on sell plastic containers and metals and save enough funds for the family for a weekend barbeque party or maybe a nice new breakfast nook in the kitchen that everybody would enjoy. Biodegradable materials can be placed in black plastic containers together with some soil, sealed and later on can be used in the garden to make the soil in your flower beds healthy. It takes effort but the rewards are beneficial for everyone, most especially the environment.

Open the Windows and Enjoy Natural Light and Air

During a sunny day, it would be better to open all windows to allow light and air to enter your homes. You can still keep the privacy inside your homes by installing blinds on your windows. If it still feels hot, a fan would definitely do the trick. You’ll save a few dollars from the air cooling bills and reduce the production of carbon dioxide in the environment.

Photo Credit: The Garden Glove via Pinterest
Photo Credit: The Garden Glove via Pinterest

Skip the Meat and Eat Vegetables

If the family cannot completely convert into becoming vegetarians, it is encouraged to eat less meat and more vegetables. It’s healthy for everyone and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released by the body during the metabolism of meat in our body. The preparation time of vegetables is also shorter than that of meat and other poultry saving gas and electricity in the process.

Have a Garage Sale

Your trash may be someone else’s treasure. Instead of throwing away items that has been in your cabinets for months or getting rid of old cabinets that has been stuck in the attic for years, you can sell them instead. You will earn a few cash in the process. Items that are left unsold can be donated to charity before throwing the things that has really of no use.

Think Before You Print

Opt to have your bills send via e-mail rather than the usual snail mail. Use the other side of your papers and try not to print documents that do not require printing. Trees are very scarce nowadays so we must avoid using paper as much as we could.

There are a thousand more ways on how we can start participating in the Green Revolution at our homes. With dedication and discipline, saving the environment and bringing it back to its former glory is not a hard task to do after all.