Early Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you running out of great ideas for Christmas decorations this coming 2015? Worry no more because you happen to be in the right place. Read further and get tips, ideas and encouragement on how to transform your home into a warm and accommodating place ready for the holidays. Whether you are up for a new modern design for your home this coming Christmas or in favor of the usual traditional decors, you’ll get a few helpful and creative ideas in this article. Be ready to explore, stick with the basics and to test your creativity, after all, Christmas is the best time of the year to bring the best out of your imagination to give life and justice to the most favorite season in the globe.

There are many ways on how you can decorate your homes this Christmas. But what makes its more interesting and challenging for home decorators is creating a personalized Christmas theme that fits with the personality of the whole family.

To rev up the celebration and start with the basic decorations, here are the iconic symbols of Christmas that you shouldn’t miss installing in your homes for this coming holiday season.

Christmas Lights

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This is the very basic decorating piece that you should have installed in your homes for this coming holiday season. Be sure that all your Christmas lights are properly working and no wires and lamps are busted to avoid potential risks and fires that may be caused by faulty wirings. Christmas lights are often installed in your windows, doorways, around the roof and your Christmas trees. Be sure that the lights that you are using outdoors are indeed intended for outdoor use.


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Garlands are basic decorative pieces that are used around the perimeter of the window, the rails of the stairs, around the Christmas tree and other openings in your homes. Be sure that these garlands will not interfere with your transitional blinds and other window coverings. Christmas balls and flowers are also often attached to these garlands to add a splash of color and interest in them. Some garlands comes in green, red and other festive colors for Christmas.


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Wreaths are most of the time located in the fireplace area and on the doors. You can practically have a wreath installed in every door in your home. To make things interesting, you can experiment with colors and materials used in creating your wreaths for varying looks in different areas of your home.

Center pieces

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Center pieces can either be Christmas balls placed in a basket, poinsettias or Christmas candles. It all depends on what you prefer to have for your tables as Christmas decorations. What I love the most are Christmas candles with small Christmas balls and garlands decorated around the base of the candle.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree
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The Christmas tree is also a must in every household. This is where Santa drops of his gifts every Christmas night. You can stick with the usual Christmas balls and stars for your Christmas tree decorations or have something different this year like golden or blue leaves, candy canes, stuff toys or even small Christmas gifts.

Santa Claus items

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St. Nicholas is also a staple for Christmas. Homes with second floors can hang Santa Claus figurines and stuff toys from the stairs or ceilings. You can also have a dancing Santa at your door ready to greet your visitors on Christmas day.

Christmas stockings

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Kids will never miss their Christmas stockings, even adults too. Hang them by the fireplace. To make each one personal you could sew your names into it or have your names embellished with gems to make it stand out in case Santa drops by your house.

You can add a few more decorative pieces to make your home unique and looking extra special this coming Christmas. However, do not miss the basic Christmas symbols enumerated above to keep the Christmas spirit alive and shining in your homes this coming Christmas Day of 2015.