DIY Home Decorating Ideas: Free Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered as one of the places in our home where we spend a lot of time in. We sleep, dress-up study and relax in this area. Unfortunately, he bedroom is also one of the most neglected parts of our home with stinky socks at the bottom of your bed and mixed clean and dirty clothes in the floor With all the clutter and dirt around, decorating seems to be close to impossible. However, giving up is not an option. You can still improve the look of your bedrooms, even on a budget. Here are some ideas you can follow.


Photo Credit: eylanderphotography via Pinterest

Opt for a new room layout

Rearrange the furniture inside your room. A fresh arrangement that allows you to move can give your room a new feel. Do not be afraid to try new angles for your furnishings. You can even place your bed right at the very middle of your room and enjoy the possibilities that you can do now that you have four walls, or more to experiment with when it comes to design and storage.

Decorate with items that are already available inside your room

You can even use scarves, pillowcases and other items that are already available in your bedrooms and your home as a whole to decorate and compliment with the color scheme that your home already has. You can add a nightstand or perhaps some shawls over your cabinets to soften the look of your dresser. You can even check for cheap venetian blinds for sale around your area to include as an additional accessory for your bedroom.

Consider adding green plants in your room.

Look around your house to see if one of your existing plants would be happier in your bedroom, then move it there! If you can’t find a plant ready for relocation, make one! Many plants can be grown from cuttings, either your existing houseplants, one a friend may let you cut, or even some outdoor plants. Ivy and many shade groundcovers are very good houseplants. You can even relive your childhood a bit and grow a cut potato, pineapple, or carrot tops in a pinch! For containers, look into your kitchen cupboards. Old teapots and cups, glass bowls, even baking dishes can make unique containers.

Consider creating a memorabilia board or wall

pikture planet.jpg

Photo Credit: PikturePlanet via Pinterest

You can display photos of your kids on your bedroom wall or have a corkboard place in a corner where all your favorite pictures can be creatively pinned for display. Framing old love letters would also be a great idea you can include in redesigning your bedrooms.

Just a few changes in your room, simple ones that can be dome for free or at a low cost can offer a more refreshing and rejuvenating place you can come home to and spend time with your love ones.


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