Top Must Have for your Chic Condo Unit

Living in a condo unit sometimes hampers your capability to design and decorate due to its limited space. This is true, but there is no book in the world that says that you can’t. Achieving that chic style condo is all about knowing what to do and what to have. Here are some tips and must- have that could help you achieve that chic style condo unit you have always dreamed of.

Space saving furniture

Michelle Rinosa Sy.jpg

Photo Credit: Michelle Rinosa Sy via Pinterest

Since you are restricted to work in a small area, it is a good idea to maximize all the space you have. If you are into reading books, why not create a bookshelf that piles up from your floor up to your ceiling. Not only that it can save space, but also serves as good divider and a centerpiece. Also, have those multi-purpose furniture available as this would add that wow factor to your condo. Imagine having a cabinet that converts into your own home office, or a table that seats four that you could extend to eight if needed.

Layered walls


Photo Credit: Domaine Home via Pinterest

Add layers to your walls and it would definitely give you that chic vibe. Adding layers gives character to your place may it be as simple as a wallpaper to a more artistic look such as an exposed brick wall or a graffiti art work. You can even add textiles to give that extra sensory experience.

A Mini Bar

A savvy condo unit won’t be complete without a mini bar. After a hard day’s work, you need to relax so it would be nice to have a place to chill without leaving the confines of your home. Stock pile it with your favorite drinks, and a bottle of fine wine. Now, you have everything you need.

Big Opened Windows

my house idea

Photo Credit: My House Idea via Pinterest

Some condos do not have the luxury of having wide open windows due to safety purposes. However, it would be great to maximize the use of your windows to save energy cost indoors and to simply enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. You can have external roller blinds from Blinds Online’s website to enjoy both privacy and access to your windows inside your condo unit.

With these tips, you will now be ready for some grown-up pajama party with your girlfriends. Yes, you read that right. Nothing makes a condo so chic than having your best buds over for some girly fun!


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