Get the Look: Artsy 1-Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Picture this, you are browsing a magazine trying to look for something interesting to read about. After a couple of pages, something caught your attention. Not an article but a picture. A picture of an artistic room design. All of a sudden the Picasso within you kicks in and you wanted to convert your room into something similar as to what you have seen, but then comes the big roadblock. How do you push yourself to start the project?

apartment therapy.jpg

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

You don’t need to be an artist to recreate this artsy designs. As long as you have a sense of imagination, then you are ready to go. And you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to create a masterpiece. Here are some ideas that could serve as an inspiration for you to make your room magazine –  cover worthy.

Contemporary Look

In creating that contemporary look, stick to neutral colors and keep it to a minimum, three or four at the most. Also keep the color’s shade as close to each other as possible.  You could mix and match dark blue, baby blue, white and add some earth colors like brown or tan just to have that accent. Keep your furniture to a minimum. Contemporary look has that simple minimalistic vibe into it. Blinds Sydney at Blinds Online will definitely help you achieve the look.

Country Bedroom Look

The saying ‘less is more’ does not quite work here. If you have ever been into a country home the key feature here is that gigantic and soft bed with matching plush fabrics and pillows. For the room color, stick to white and grey. Stay away from those modern, metallic furniture if you wanted to have this kind of feel and atmosphere.

Le Cahier.jpg

Photo Credit: Le Cahier via Pinterest

Classic Design

If metal speaks modern then you need to go wood when trying to achieve a classical vibe room. Those big wooden cabinets are a good key furniture here. Have this room well-lit with natural light. Those Victorian – inspired furniture and accessories will suit well here. As for colors, better stick with the safest one, white.

Eclectic Look

Here is where your imagination can go wild, you can basically mix and match things from different genre. You can add some abstract paintings on your wall to set the tone which would also serve as a good conversation piece. Add those vintage artifacts placed on top of your modern side table. You can use those wild bright colors if you want to. The only boundary here is your imagination.

Different people have different tastes. These are only guidelines but at the end of the day, how you will design your room would be up to you. Just gather all those ideas, take what you think suits you and then you can create your own.


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