Decorating a Nursery? Seven Shades to Consider

The arrival of a child in a home and in couple’s life is a momentous experience and can be quite challenging too, especially for families who are about to go through the experience for the first time. Preparing for the baby’s room can be as equally fun and stressful, with the tremendous options and ideas a couple can come up to.

The furniture for the room, baby care items, decorative items, toys for the little one and wall paint are just some of the major considerations one should think of when preparing for the child’s room. Safety is another important aspect to look into. Removing curtain ropes from panel blinds Perth, right size for the crib and other safety factors should be taken into account as well.

The latest trend in nurseries is leaning into neutral colors and simple décor creating a relaxing ambiance for their rooms. It would be advisable to work on complementary colors on your nurseries, colors complementing to the general design and décor that you have at home. Less is more when it comes to design as well and it would be easier to redecorate from time to time with simply designed rooms.

Here are some of the colors you can consider for your nursery at home.


Offer something unexpected and shy away from the usual pink and blue wall paint for nursery rooms. The particular shade is cheery in nature and a vibrant choice for nursery rooms. It is a way of bringing the outdoors inside as well. The good thing about green is that it is gender neutral so you can actually start painting the room even without any idea of the gender of the baby.


Project Nursery.jpg
Photo Credit: Project Nursery via Pinterest

Aqua is another gender neutral color you can consider for the nursery of your baby’s room. The shade is a happy one and can work as a tranquil backdrop for a big wall inside the baby’s room. It offers a bright and light feel for the room during the day and a cozy appeal at night.


Pink is still a great color for nurseries. However, picking the right shade of pink for your child’s room can be tricky. The look is as equally tranquil and delicate, a perfect and the usual option when it comes to a girl’s nursery room.

Silver Peony

If you would want something different for your child’s nursery room, silver peony might offer a great option. It is a really refreshing soft shade of violet with a little touch of gray. It is light enough to complement well with other colors and can stay even as a little girl grows and outgrew her crib.


Photo Credit: The Hand Made Home via Pinterest

Yellow is another gender neutral color that is great for nursery rooms. It is a comfortable color and offers a welcoming look and invokes conversation in a room. A brighter shade of yellow would offer a modern look for your children’s rooms.


Apricot offers a warmth feeling to any room. Fuchsia accents would work well for an apricot painted room for a girl or blend it with turquoise and navy if you are having a boy.


Photo Credit: Love to Know via Pinterest

A softer shade of red would look stunning for your child’s nursery room. However, it would be advisable to avoid using red wall to wall to avoid too many things happening in the design of the room. Red will definitely stand out as a highlight for your room as your shade goes richer.


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