Creative Ideas for The Bottom of Your Stairs

I remember the times when every kid dreamed of having a Harry Potter like room. Although the orphaned iconic book legend was kept in a little room under the stairs by his folks, every child in us imagined ourselves in the same spot, tucked in the comforts of a small room beneath the stairs with a spell book or two at hand. I could not help but speculate that the idea of having a Harry Potter room beneath the stairs started all the other interesting and beautiful ideas for the spaces beneath our stairs at home.

Below are a few other ideas you can do with that extra space under your stairs.

Bikes under the stairs

Biking enthusiasts could not disagree that they have invested a considerable amount of money when it comes to their bikes. This is why storing it indoors, instead of stacking it in your garage might be a better option. Install a few hooks under the bottom of your chairs and hang your favorite bikes with all their glory underneath. This can be a nice home décor as well. A few affordable plantation shutters with fake grass can also be placed beneath for that even more outdoorsy look for the bottom of your stairs.

A reading nook

reading nook.jpg
Photo Credit: Cushion Source via Pinterest

Enjoy the comfort and pleasures that comes with reading a good book by having a nook where you can sit, recline or even catch a short nap under your stairs. Simply gear up the bottom of your stairs with a few books and magazines and place a nice comfortable bed beneath to have a spot for the bookworms inside your home. You’ll even encourage your kids reading by having a spot like this at home.


Books can be gorgeously displayed and stored underneath your stairs. Invest in a customized bookshelf for the bottom of your stairs where you can store your favorite books and easily have them easily available at hand.

Koi pond

Photo Credit: Hemerocallis via Pinterest

This can take a few dollars inside your pocket but it is a very nice feature you can have at home. You can secure it with a glass sliding door so that the place is kept clean at all times. Proper lighting can create an alluring view just beneath your stairs.

Extra pantry shelves

You can stock items in your extended pantry by placing a table or cabinet just beneath your stairs. An old rustic table will definitely look as a nice piece of décor and storage at the bottom of your stairs. You can store extra plates and utensils creatively in the extra space beneath your stairs.

Mini home office

Photo Credit: Chameleon Interiors via Pinterest

Stay at home moms and freelancers would love the idea of converting the empty space at the bottom of their stairs into their home office. With just a nice sturdy table and some box for storing your documents, the place can easily be converted into a nice spot where one can do their online jobs without being too disconnected with the rest of the family.

Wine rack

Wine lovers would definitely feel proud displaying their wine collection just beneath the bottom of their chairs. Ask a carpenter to do a customized wine rack for you where you can stack your essentials and prized wine collections. It would be nice to have a glass door for this cabinet so that you can easily peek on what’s inside.

There are a lot more ideas you can do with the space beneath your stairs at home. It all depends on your needs and creativity on what you can do with this extra space inside your homes.


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