Tips to Follow when Decorating with Neutrals

Neutral designs, just like blacks and whites are considered as classic. Neutrals have managed to resurrect itself silently in the home design industry and became a hot trend. It s become a staple in glamorous and rich homes as well as small cottages and houses aiming for the laid back, relaxing and contemporary style. Neutrals include black, browns, taupe, beige, gray, ivory, white and almost everything in between these shades. It offers a clean, uncluttered look radiating a serene feel for homes. They also shy away from being boring but offers a compelling and interesting home for many.

Here are some of the best way to decorate and mix and match neutrals for your home decor.

Applying texture

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty via Pinterest

Texture is one of the most important elements if you would want to keep away from having your neutral decor boring. It is the most important element in design that will add an interesting and different appeal for your home decor and style. Texture ranges from soft, nubby, weave, rough, bumpy and even tone to tone patterns.

Architecture and shapes

Shapes and architectural details help in making neutral color palates noticed. This can also bring life to any room. Having interesting shapes for your chairs and carpets makes decorating fun for your homes. Room dividers also offer a vast opportunity in creating architectural details or locating shapes adding more features to an area inside your home. Motorized blinds Melbourne is one of the great ideas that can add modern architectural shapes in your home.

Photo Credit: Stone Gable Blog via Pinterest

Varying hues

It is important to use several tones and shades when decorating in neutral. Do not stick with a plain white room when you can actually add a few touches of beige or brown to make the place look even better. There are a lot of varied and subtle neutral hues to play around with when painting and decorating your homes.

Add pops of color

Photo Credit: Cherished Bliss via Pinterest

Bring life to a room by adding a big pop of color in a neutral room. This can be in a form of a wall or a decorating piece. Add spice or even a focal point inside a neutral room by placing metallic hues or bold colors to contrast with the existing design of the room. A big metallic mirror on a neutral wall looks great or a big vase with colourful flowers as your centrepiece in a brown and beige inspired room.

Decorating with white and other neutral shades can still be fun and interesting with these useful tips. You can easily create drama and highlight a particular items or area in your living spaces with this noticeable yet complimentary designs that will mix and match well with your neutral decors and home design.


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