Victorian Style Revival Plans for Your Homes

There is such an endearing appeal that Victorian style homes offers. Although the average person may see this type of home impractical and too extravagant, the unpredictability and unique feature of the Victorian designed home is truly endearing. It is well-known for its steeply pitched cross-gable roof, its iconic one-story porch. The Gothic revival complexity that these design offers also features several other interesting features, features you might want to consider having the next time you build your house.

Photo Credit: Old House Dreams via Pinterest

Pointed arch windows and bay windows with decorative accents

Thermal blinds may not be a common sight in these Victorian homes but this home design offers vividly decorate windows that are sometimes filled with stained glass or stained glass panels. Bay windows on the other hand can either be walk-out versions. Windows in Victorian homes also have built-in benches.

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Intersecting gables that are often asymmetrical

Varied roof lines and asymmetrical designs is what the Victorian era is also known for. Each home is individual and unique. From the window styles to the architectural details, you’ll definitely enjoy and embrace a lot of personality with this type of design.

Narrow and tall

What’s great about Victorian homes is that they are often designed narrow and tall making it possible to build them even in a small lot. Most Victorian homes are usually three-storey tall and have a full-sized basement to provide more space even with the small area of land it occupies.

Features towers and turrets

A castle like tower or turret is also one of the iconic features that Victorian homes possess. They are often used as a bedroom or a library. The castle feel of this type of home is indeed very impressive and will bring you back to the old days of Princesses and damsels in distress.

Photo Credit: Going Reno via Pinterest

This fanciful architecture became popular in the United States from 1875 up until the turn of the century. This personalized piece of beauty has been created in an infinite number of ways creating the several varieties of styles we all mesmerize at. The great thing about the design is that Victorian homes are like snowflakes, each is unique from the other. So if you dream of having a very unique home for your family, a few touches of Victorian style can do the work.


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