Revamping Your Window’s Look (For Less)

Making our homes looks great and in parallel with the prevailing styles and themes of the year when it comes to home design and decoration. However, keeping up with what’s latest and hot can be costly and uneconomical for some homeowners.

Renovations can cause you a lot of money, quite a fortune as others perceived it to be. As windows can help you to have a new home perspective, most of the time the treatments available can be too much. But this 2016, window revamping should not be that critical.

This Old House
Photo Credit: This Old House via Pinterest

These renovation cost should not prohibit you from updating your home and get on with the new vibes and styles as the year 2016 in home design and decorating is taking on its full blast. Here are some of the inexpensive adjustments that can help you revamp your window’s look:

Re-paint it

Changing the color of the paint of your window can give them a brand new touch. You can pattern the color to this year’s preferred theme. A little bit of style is also needed to make it more functional and attractive in the eyes of many. Re-painting it will also give not just a good look for the windows but a care for the window material as well. Marigold is one of the colors you could try for your windows this year. This pantone color is already making waves in the fashion industry, and will most likely crossover to the home decorating scene as well.

Changing blinds and curtains

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed via Pinterest

In order to have a new grip of the designs and trends, changing blinds and curtains are a must. In this phase, it creates a new accent to the window and more often gives it a fresh air and ambience that is up to date. Blinds, on the other hand, can serve as a protection of privacy and strengthen security. You can go for block out blind this time around to provide a different look for your homes.

Other Decorative Touches

Better Homes and Gardens.jpg
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

Try to put some additional decorative materials for the window – whether a ribbon, a string, or a band that can serve as a highlight of the finishes will do. These decorative materials can fully accessorize things and give emphasize its new look. Pay attention to your window glasses too. You can add stickers or accessorize these areas as well to present a new look for your windows.

Change some framings, if need be

Changing some frames, especially for wooden frames can give the window a new make-up finish. This will make the material more stable and give you the chance to innovate and advance its refinement. Find time to check for loose hinges, rusting irons or other window accessories that needs to be repaired or replaced.

The overall function of your windows depends on how you maximize its efficiency. It is also necessary to keep windows in good working condition to fully utilize them all year round.


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