New Year Cleaning Done Simple

New Year is the time of the year where you are given the chance to de-clutter and make everything else around the house organized to welcome a good year ahead. It is a holiday so every able body is around the house to help you out with the task. Cleaning is not that simple as it looks and thus, more often than not, requires a lot of energy for the overhaul. Grab the chance to spend the extra holidays more, cleaning the house, involving the whole of the family.

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Photo Credit: Clean and Scentsible via Pinterest

Cleaning can be complicated at times but there are several techniques to use to make New Year cleaning fun, productive successful and of course, very simple. Here are some tips to get you started:

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Photo Credit: Brit Morin via Pinterest

First, make a to-do list

If you are planning for a complete overhaul and an intense de-cluttering inside your home, it is advisable to make a to-do list so you know where you can start and what areas are your priorities. Moreover, this will also help you to do the work in a good time pacing that will make you still productive in different areas. Having a list also allows you to make a run down on the current inventory you have at home. Too many side tables left stocked at your attic? It may be time to do a garage sale or to donate to charity. A list is a guide and will help in avoiding lapses in the tasks that you intend to do.

Throw away things you think are not beneficial anymore

De-cluttering and throwing away things that you cannot use can save you a lot of space. But, in cases that these things still can have some use – you can recycle or even sell them in a low price so others can benefit from it. Saving spaces is indeed a good idea if you want to have a light feel and a brand new atmosphere at home. These also include outfits you have inside your closet as well as bags and other accessories. Anything that is left lying around for three months of more should be disposed of.

Divide and Label

Make things more organized by dividing them into good boxes or containers and start labeling them so you do not get confused when you start needing the things you kept in these boxes. In addition, it can give you more freedom on what to do next with your stuff. Christmas decors that you have used this year can be neatly placed in a clear box with labels so that you can re-use them for next Christmas. This also applies to other themed home decors you have at home.

Get rid of the dust

Dust can be present when things were kept for such a long period of time. Sometimes, it can damage things up and most of the time can ruin your home items. In accordance, getting of the dust can have your things to have a new look and impressions as it will be cleaned and refreshed. A dust free home is also great for the health of the family. Fresh air can be breathed, literally from a dust-free home. Window shades can accumulate a lot of dust when not attended too.

Start the year right and clean inside your homes with the simple cleaning tips and ideas you can apply for your New Year cleaning, this year, at home. Make cleaning a fun and bonding time for the family as well as you all help hand in hand in making your home better and brighter this New Year.


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