2015 At A Glance: My Fave Posts

Few days left before 2015 ends, the run down on how the year has been is already starting. Moreover, the moments of the current year will soon turn to memories once 2016 comes. Several years of blogging and sharing my ideas have been a blast and I look forward in sharing more of my creative ideas in the coming New Year.

Various blog posts have been made throughout the year; some became hit, some helped many. I am featuring some of my favorite blog posts for this year, hoping it was one of the favorite of my readers too.

Modern Design Inspiration in Home Decorating

I have always enjoyed staying at home and I do get a lot of free time in my hands when the kids are now around. Thus I have managed to compile several interesting ideas and design that will work for Moms who would want to apply a modern look and design for their homes.

This year, I have decided to add a few interesting colors at home. Natural hues inspired by wood and nature have been my favorite theme for this year especially for the outdoors. Oh, and I would love to mention that I have finally completed my kitchen island this year. I now enjoy a bigger place where I can prepare while cooking. My kids also love eating breakfast at the kitchen island. They sometime spend time doing assignments there as well so that I could help them out even while I am cooking. I practically applied a lot of the ideas in this specific post to my home as well. I also installed outdoor blinds in our deck area for the modern yet relaxing look even outdoors.

Storage & Dividers as Decorative Pieces at Home

Removing clutter and enjoying movable space has been my aim this year and I am quite successful in doing it. Smart storage devices and dividers have been a staple in our home to keep everything in their place and everything organized.

One particular idea that I have adapted from this post is the smart way to camouflage my trash bin outdoors. Made out of old palettes of wood, I have managed to create a box where I can hide my trash bin. It has a lovely top where you can place flower pots. I can simply roll in and roll out my trash bin inside its box. It is a very convenient way to keep the dogs out of my trash as well.

Early Christmas Decorating Ideas

Of course, my best favorite blog post for this year is my Christmas Decorating Tips blog post. The child in me always lights up whenever I think about Christmas and I would want my kids to experience and feel the same excitement as well. To keep the Christmas spirit high at home, installing Christmas decors at an early date is a must. The front deck is definitely bright and shining every night with the décor that I have put up there together with my kids. I even took time to create a small ginger bread house out of the dog house we have in the backyard. Christmas lights and wreaths are also a plenty around the house creating that lively and fun vibe.

I may have written a lot of blog posts that made through the limelight for the year 2015, but the aforementioned posts – from different categories – are just some of the informative, fun and memorable ones that made an impact to me this year.


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