Storage and Dividers as Decorative Pieces at Home

You can decorate your homes without having too much clutter and without spending too much by using your storages and dividers as your main attraction in your homes. With a little ingenuity and creativity, a dull wall can turn into a lovely focal point in your homes with a little bit zazzle and dazzle here and there.

Here are some of the cool ideas that you can do to your storage pieces and room dividers at home to provide an instant look for your abode.

Go vertical

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

To save on space and to make the most out of your room dividers, you can add a few spaces, like pieces of woods and plastics to decorate and provide storage spaces for your little decors, books and other little trinkets at home. You can simply attach small pieces of wood to your room dividers to create a pattern and provide additional storage space for your homes. You can also hang pictures, art works and other interesting visuals onto your room dividers to make them look more interesting.

Mix and match colors

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Colors can bring an instant uplift to any home. You can add colors to your room dividers as well as your storage boxes to bring a different kind of vibe into your homes. Bring colored ottomans would be lovely additions in your living area as well as in your bedrooms. As for walls, you can paint a room divider with parallel lines in different colors to create a work of art out of your room dividers. There are many ideas and colors to explore when it comes to which will make your room dividers and storage spaces stand out.

Place interesting pieces

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Interesting pieces of arts like drift woods, abstract objects, feathers and other decorative pieces made of unique materials can be incorporated in your room dividers. To create a different look, you can even have your room dividers created with design. Create circles into your room dividers to create a silhouette design. You can also install lights onto your room dividers to bring a different kind of glow into it especially during the night.

You can also opt for curtains as your room dividers at home. Take advantage of curtains online sale to purchase a curtain that would interestingly look great as a room divide for your home. This is also a safe option when you have kids running around at home.

Go for dual purpose furniture

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

As for storage spaces, you can go the extra mile and have dual purpose furniture. The sides of your sofa can hold a piece of leather where remote controls can be neatly tucked in place. The bottom of your kitchen island can hold dishes and other kitchen utensils. The bottom of your stairs can be a koi pond or a reading nook. Ottoman and center tables nowadays can also act as storage spaces.

Experiment with finishes

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Go for varying finishes for your storage areas and room dividers for an extra touch of creativity in your homes. There are many types of finishes to choose from. You can have wood, plastic, metal and stone as your finishing. Natural finishing is one of the latest trends in home decorating that you can adapt in your living areas.

Again, creativity goes a long way when it comes to decorating your homes. Get the extra spaces and achieve a new look for your home with storage pieces and room dividers.


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