Symmetry in Home Decorating

Symmetry, in design principles, is also called balance. It creates an ‘organized look’.  Symmetry has been a trademark of the traditional interiors because it’s easier to set up and understand. And it goes well with any design inspirations.

A balance look for your homes is not only for aesthetic purposes. Most balanced layouts offers the most living and moving space for your homes as well as storage areas. Balance looks for your homes does not only make them look stylish and good, they also make your home look neat and organized, something every home owner wants to achieve for your home. In a symmetrical setting, everything is well planned and almost every piece of furniture and décor in your home is located strategically with convenience, function and beauty in mind. Such balance will create a comfortable, livable and stylish abode for you and your family.

People find it more appealing when they enter a home with furniture symmetrically arranged. Accordingly, if you want your home to look gorgeous, then apply it in your home interior. Curtains rods for instance should be placed in balance around your home. You can check out curtain rods online to be able to find a suitable design that will do well with your planned or current theme for your home.

The Design and Conceptualization Process

Initially, you must find an axis. Observe the architecture of your house. People often do not notice considerable corners in the structure. Look for a central feature; that’s the axis. This axis will serve as your guide in starting out the layout for your symmetrically decorated home.

A fireplace is an axis in the living room. But if you don’t have a fireplace, a huge window could be a centerpiece. In some cases, where you can’t find it in the architecture, choose a strong element like the largest furniture. It could be the flat TV, a sofa or an entertainment center. Place identical mirrors, end tables and lamps on both sides. These are just the basics. You can also opt to place plants, paintings of the sizes or other identical wall décor that will match with your home’s design.

Photo Credit: Lilikeijoy via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Lilikeijoy via Pinterest

If the sofa is your center point, throw pillows and duplicated accent chairs will create balance.  Put up a jar or any sculptural item to complement the style. A table accessorized with lamps can also be placed on the opposite edges of your sofa to achieve the symmetrical look.

Photo Credit: Bloglovin via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Bloglovin via Pinterest

However, in the bedroom, the axis would always be your bed. Cupboards, nightstands, framed photos and boxes could accentuate the room. You can also place large speakers since bedroom are now often decorated with flat screen televisions. Mirrors, aesthetic ones can also be placed on the opposite sides of your headboard for a regal and stylish look inside your bedrooms.

When it comes to the kitchen, the countertop is the center. It is paired with floating shelves or stainless steel hoods. Similarly, pendant lights could be a substitute to create a perfect symmetry.  Clear your table tops from small kitchen appliances and have them hidden in shelves instead. A clear table top offers a lot to the imagination when it comes to creating a symmetrical design of your kitchen.

Photo Credit: via Pinterest
Photo Credit: via Pinterest

If both ends are not exactly matched, you could move appliances with similar materials. Stainless steels like oven, coffee maker, refrigerator and barstools will give harmony.

If you will draw a line between those fixtures, you will see the surface is a mirror section of the other. But everything does not have to be in sets of two. To avoid the monotonous look, add a bit of visual appeal to cut the formal symmetry.


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