Modern Design Inspirations in Home Decorating

I think the most important characteristic of the modern design is the functionality over the stark structure. Most people appreciate it because it is minimalist, practical, and comfortable. Modernly designed homes are also considered as more organized, spacious and offers comfort as much as the classically designed homes of the past and today.

Likewise, adding personal touches on the interiors of your house is the best part of home design. Here are some basic pointers to guide you in achieving the modern style.

Let’s start with the color

Color is the most powerful aspect in the design as it will sum up the theme of your interiors. Initially, bold colors must be avoided. Stay away from colors associated with red as it conveys warm environment. It is much better to use softer earth colors like gray, dark-tan or beige. These colors are easy to pair with furnishings.

Photo Credit: Worth Miner via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Worth Miner via Pinterest

Bring life to bland colors by having natural or fixture lighting

In daytime, you can take advantage of the natural light through glass doors and putting up cheap blinds and additional windows. But the best way to obtain it is to install a skylight. Adding small fixtures or lamps would also create a remarkable effect at night.

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog via Pinterest

A countertop is a must-have for a modern kitchen

A solid and sleek countertop will modernize your home’s interior. Your countertop has a lot of use so it must be practical and pleasing at the same time. It must have a balance between durability, function and style. The ideal material when you are concerned about the ease of maintenance is stone countertops. It could be made out of granite, marble or quartz. They are heat tolerant. Plus, they have a timeless look.

Likewise, metal counters are also heat tolerant and non porous but they could scratch easily. However, wood countertops set a warmer expression than stone and metal, though they are also prone to scratches and damages.

Photo Credit; Home Design Lover via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Home Design Lover via Pinterest

Consider an overwhelming art piece

A lot of people think modern design is cold and boring, but it doesn’t have to be like that. An outsized and vibrant colored art work grabs attention and is ideal for any white huge spaces. You can also hang a candid photo for a more personal appeal.

Choose only a few modern accessories

Putting up natural pieces from travel is a good idea. A piece from personal collection could also give character to your home. Just keep in mind to avoid detailed woods. Storage space can be arranged vertically onto your walls for a more modern and clean look. Avoid too many clutter and small pieces of décor that might ruin the whole concept of modern, stylish and simple for your homes.

A modern home highlights clean lines, larger spaces, and fewer objects. So don’t be too much dramatic in arranging decors. It also gives your home more space where your kids can run and the whole family can practically enjoy spending quality time together.


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