Here’s 7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Small Space

craft room
Photo credit: Ron Brenner via Flickr

Whether you are living in a studio apartment or you want to make your small bedroom look bigger, small design space ideas can turn your ideas and creative aspirations into reality. You can practically enjoy more space and moving area in your small home.

Here are 7 ideas that will help you in decorating a small space

  1. Create zones in your home

You should be able to separate and distinguish different areas in your home through wall paints or the appliances and furniture present in the room. Be sure that your sleeping area is indeed dedicated for sleeping. Having specific areas in your home to accommodate your specific needs will help you establish separate zones for separate activities, creating the illusion of space in your small home.

Photo credit: Real Estaging via Flickr
  1. Trick your eyes

Mirrors are not the only thing that can help you trick your eyes in creating the illusion of space in your home. You can opt to have floor-to-ceiling curtains to create the illusion of height as well as see-through furnishings to create a seemingly longer horizon in your home.

  1. Keep your rooms bright

Light can also create the illusion of space in your homes. Ready made panel blinds can be a great choice for window coverings to be able to easily allow light to enter your home during the day. You can later on draw them close at night when you want to spend a private time with your family. Ready made panel blinds are also sleek and can create the illusion of organization inside your home, making it look bigger than it really is.

  1. Make every furniture count

Throw or sell anything in your home that is left unused for a month or so. Be sure that your furnishings and decorative elements in your home are maximized when it comes to functionality and that it does not occupy too much space. You can use two small coffee tables instead of one big coffee table. You can also have ottomans with storage functionality to be able to make the most of the space that they occupy.

Dining Room From Corner
Photo credit: Matt via Flickr
  1. Free your homes from clutter

Clutter can sometimes occupy a lot of space in your home. Avoid keeping too many things inside your home. You’ll be surprised how much extra space you actually have after organizing and keeping the clutter away from your living areas.

  1. Have calming wall paints

Using soothing and even tones in rooms and areas in your home will not only trick your eye in believing that there is more space that there really is. The calming effect that the colors bring will also allow you to relax and to focus less on the imperfections that your livings areas have.

  1. Customize space

Take advantage of the space located on your walls. Create hanging book shelves, store kitchen utensils with wall hooks, and the likes. Be creative in using your walls as your storage area. You might end up having an interesting focal point created that is really intended for keeping your trinkets out of the floor.

It is all a matter of organization and carefully creating a layout for your home to create space out of the little that you have.

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