5 Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Windows at Home

Photo credit: mel issa via Flickr
Photo credit: mel issa via Flickr

Children are not completely safe inside their homes. Researchers claim that more than 2 million children are injured by several hazards present at home. However, there are simple child-friendly safety devices and ways on how to keep your children hazard-free, most especially inside your home.

Several safety devices are already available in the market to keep your kids away from harm and potential injuries that they may encounter at home. Here are some of the safety devices you can have at home to keep your kids away from any potential harm.

Use Safety Latches and Locks

Kids tend to explore even the most obscure corners of your home. It is quite important to secure trinkets and other household items like chemicals, sharp objects, glues and other fixtures that may threaten your kids. Use safety latches and locks for your cabinets and drawers at home, most especially for the ones that can be easily reached by kids. You can also install this onto your windows to prevent kids from opening them without your presence. Your bathroom doors should also be kept closed and locked, or latched to avoid threats of drowning in case children manage to enter this area without your knowledge. Lock away everything that can potentially hurt or poison your children.

Install Safety Gates

Photo Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Install gates in areas where your children may fall or slip — basically keep them away from areas with potential hazards like the garage, a flight of stairs, or the kitchen area. Choose safety gates that children cannot dislodge easily but can be opened by adults without difficulty. For stairs, you can choose to have gates that are screwed to the wall rather than pressure gates. Also take note of the gap present in your safety gates. Be sure that your child’s neck and head will not fit into it. Safety gates placed at areas where windows can be a potential threat to children is also advised.

Go for Cord-free Window treatments

Strangulation is also one of the common accidents in homes involving children and pets. To prevent this, be sure to secure electrical cords properly to keep them away from your children.  It is also advisable to have cordless window blinds in your homes to lessen the risks that may compromise your children’s safety. Made to measure blinds that are perfectly fitting is also advisable to be able to prevent your kids from potentially trying to reach or pull your window coverings. You can search for made to measure blinds via the web to find a design and functionality that will work well with your home.

Install Smoke Detectors

homesafety with kids
Photo Credit: State Farm via Flickr

Install smoke detectors in every level of your home, preferably near bedrooms to be able to alarm you as quick as possible when it comes to potential fires. Be sure to check your smoke detectors on a weekly basis to make sure that they are working. Replace batteries once a year to be able to keep them running and in good condition. Smoke detectors should also be installed near windows and door entries.

Locate Door Stops and Window Holders Properly

Your children may get caught in-between a closing door or at the edge of the door hinge and at a window. You can place door stops between your door and window openings to prevent small fingers from getting pinched or crushed between them. Be sure that the device that you will use is heavy duty and will not break into small parts. They should be large enough to prevent choking hazards to children.

These safety devices are easy to install and will not create a bulge on your budget. However, the most important thing to remember when child-proofing your home is being constantly aware of your child’s daily activities. Being with your child or pets at all times will ensure that they are safe and carefully taken cared for.

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