The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Window Treatment

living room curtains
Photo Credit: Living Room Blinds via Pinterest

I consider windows as the eyes of our homes. It allows us to see the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the comfort and security that our homes provide. A well-dressed window is pleasurable to look at and with the right kind of window treatment attached to them, it can provide practical benefits. However, not all of us are experts when it comes to windows and home décor. To help you with your window treatment problems and dilemma, I have compiled a list of the worst advice I have ever received when it comes to decorating my windows. Stay away from these advice to be able to achieve an energy-efficient and aesthetically beautiful window.

Mistake #1 – The way your window opens is not important

Paradise Valley Villa
Photo credit: Ben Freedman via Flickr

This is one very important detail you should consider before procuring blinds for your homes. Windows have different shapes and sizes. They can either slide up or down or open like a door. If you do not take into consideration this aspect, you might end up having inconvenient blinds or inaccessible windows in your homes.

Mistake #2 – The frequency your windows are used is not critical

Roller - Light Filtering

You should be aware of how your windows and entry ways are used. French doors, for instance, have higher traffic than other entry ways, thus requiring blinds or curtains that will not interfere with traffic. Kitchen windows that are rarely opened can be installed with solar blinds to keep the sun from potentially spoiling the dishes that you prepare inside your kitchen area. There are different designs of solar blinds that will suit with your kitchen’s theme and design you can choose from.

Mistake #3 –You need to block the sunlight completely

snowing outside
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Blinds are window coverings that help in blocking the light. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should completely block the sun from entering your homes. Determine on which direction your window is facing. If it is located at the southern portion, it would be a great window for winter. But during summer time, these windows can heat up the room and make your windows work really hard. Here is where you will need insulation the most. Too much sun, on the other hand, can fade your furniture. On the contrary, too little sun can make the room too gloomy. Choose the right kinds of curtains to diffuse light and provide your homes with a welcoming glow.

Mistake #4 – Privacy is not a very important detail

Photo credit: jinkazamah via Flickr
Photo credit: jinkazamah via Flickr

There are certain types of curtains that still allow light to enter even while completely blocking the view of the inside of your home from the outside. This is a very big plus in a busy community. However, you might want to consider using more translucent blinds if you do not have too many neighbors at bay and you have a fantastic view to relish in from your window.

Mistake #5 – Always go for the expensive window treatments

Your budget is very important when procuring blinds. Never bite of more than you can chew. If UV-filtering blinds do not fit your budget, then do not get them. You do not want to end up in debt or maxing out your credit cards with window treatments purchased. Opt for the most economical yet very functional option for your homes. Always find balance among the style, function and expense you will incur when getting window treatments.

Mistake #6 – All types of blinds will fit every window

Photo credit: Kevin Jaako via Flickr
Photo credit: Kevin Jaako via Flickr

Measuring your windows accurately is very important when purchasing blinds. Windows may have standard sizes (as well as window blinds) but one size does not fit all. Consider the recess of your windows, other fixtures attached to your windows, appliances and furniture attached to them, and even the way you open your windows. Do not assume the size of your windows; measure them accurately to avoid wasting your purchase.

Your window treatments will play a vital role in your home, thus buying one should be taken seriously and should be proceeded with caution. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the most perfect window blinds for your living and other areas without compromising your budget and your home’s total wellness.

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