Top Window Treatment Options for Patio Doors

patio door
Photo credit: Alside via Flickr

Patios, no matter how small, will always lend a peaceful ambiance to a house and expand the space. It is a natural place to linger around for a break whether from office stress or household chores. Patios are often enhanced with potted plants, climbing vines, decorative objects, and comfortable seating. You’re doubly lucky if you have a lovely view, which should be shown to its advantage when selecting window treatments for patio doors.

Patio doors may be standard, sliding, or French doors; channels for natural light for the interiors and access to the exterior. In-out entry should be as seamless as possible so look over the differing styles to meet these functions.

Full Draperies

patio draperies
Photo credit: Elizabeth via Flickr

An end wall patio door is architecturally good, say in a living room. Sofas may be positioned to face out and low back couches placed a meter or less from the patio doors won’t obstruct. Go for full draperies – moderate to heavy side panels and sheer curtains at the center. If you want full closing, then all curtains are movable with full wall measurement of the heavy ones. Drawn, these will leave bunching of the sheer draperies at the center that don’t harm the fabric or detracts from its charm. A cheaper version is to have fewer yardages of stationary panels and only have sheer movable curtains using an unobtrusive cable for hanging with ring clips.

Sliding Shoji Screen

screened porch
Photo credit: Gardening in a Minute via Flickr

A favorite among many for its natural and spare look, it is just as functional and looks great closed or at the sides. The paper screen panels lend beauty and light but may not be a good choice for a household with pets and small children.

Sliding Panels/Woven Wood Shades

It gives a clean uncluttered look in a contemporary way and an excellent choice for those who want something different from the usual curtains and draperies. Sliding panels come in variety of colors, textures, and materials like woven wood shades or any other that works like sliding panels. Panels slide under each other leaving one panel width at the side. See if you like the look.

Sheer Verticals

sheer curtains patio door
Photo credit: kyotoqt via Flickr

Window treatments for patio doors can combine the use of sheer draperies with the reliable vertical blinds as understructure. Use separately, they may not be an inviting option. Together, it brings an airy new look and by rotating the blinds’ vane; it efficiently closes for complete privacy or pull strings for outside access

Side-Mounted Panels

These are stationary side panels made of fabric or of sheer horizontal shades with nothing to obstruct the view and access to the door. Put in a mounted valance, straight or curvy, to frame the door and the view.

Bi-fold plantation shutters

Great ideas to brighten up your porch
Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Flickr

Very functional, it looks good with its old world charm. Free hanging or tracked, these are hinged together and fold against each other to one side or both sides of the window. You can browse for plantation shutters online for inspiration.

Window treatments for patio doors are many and depend on your personal decorating style like casual, formal or eclectic. You may go for flowered, plain, or patterned drapes and valance, hand-painted design on stationary side shade panels, or a vertical honeycomb with a fabric valance over the top that matches the other draperies in the room.

There are other essentials to pay attention to. Install traverse rods or rods with rings, and not tab tops or rod pocket draperies. Buy functional accessories like a wand attached to the first ring of a rod to use for drawing the draperies to avoid a soiled look on that spot. Alternatively, buy tiebacks for an easy reach to the door. Enjoy your days inside and outside patio doors.


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