5 Timber-Themed Window Designs You can Copy

wooden home
Photo credit: Christian Haugen via Flickr

The country vibe in your homes is one of the most interesting and relaxing options perfect for your abode. If you are the type of person who enjoys the laidback lifestyle, timber-themed window designs are the best for your homes.

Timber-themed window designs range from perky country curtains to heavy drapes or custom timber venetian blinds. Bare windows with installed rustic window valances fall into the timber-themed window design as well. The important things that you should always keep in mind when choosing window treatments for your homes are the location of your home, its setting, and the level of privacy you would want to enjoy.

You can go as far as accessorizing and can include pine cones, fishing gears, wildlife-inspired items, and other close-to-nature trinkets that will complete your timber-themed windows.

Here are 5  timber-themed window ideas you can copy for your home:

  1. Bare Windows
bare window
Photo credit: Karen Roe via Flickr

If you have a log or timber home in country setting, you could just leave our windows bare. If you have large windows overlooking private woods, corn fields, or a lake or ocean, having bare windows will allow you to take advantage of the beautiful view. You can also opt to tint the outside of your windows to be able to block the view of your homes from the outside. You’ll get to enjoy your privacy at home even without window coverings.

  1. Rustic Curtains

Rustic kitchen tier curtains or rustic curtains for your bathroom will give you that relaxing vibe that country living offers. Use lighter weight fabrics in these areas. As for the living room and other common areas in the house, you can opt to get country plaid or ginghams to get that timber theme you long for your homes. You can use pine cones or tie backs as hardware to complement with your curtains.

  1. Rustic Drapes

Draperies are great for creating drama into your rooms. I suggest you place your rustic draperies inside your bedrooms for that relaxing ambiance. These are usually made of heavy fabrics and may be hard to clean, but with timber venetian blinds in your bedroom windows, keeping the dirt away from your drapes becomes easy.

  1. Window Blinds and Shades

Window blinds and shades offer superior privacy for places in your homes that require it. You can choose rustic window blinds made of wood or printed with wood grains for plastic and vinyl types. You can go for simple or even have them motorized for easy access and for that modern touch.

  1. Rustic Window Valances

For people who would want to dress up their windows but would not want to block the light or the view, you can opt to use rustic window valances. Use sheer curtains or just simply install that timber-themed window valance for that total country style appealing look.

Here are more design ideas to inspire you:

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