8 Bedroom Windows Design Inspiration for Your Homes

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Our bedrooms are a sanctuary that provide us with an escape from the all the stressful and tiring things we have done the whole day. Bedrooms should be treated as an area conducive for rest and relaxation, and not as another extension of our day jobs. Having enough lighting and allowing fresh air to enter inside our rooms will make it an even more pleasant place to stay and recuperate at after a very tiring day. This is where windows comes in. Having windows that are large enough to allow the sun and the air to come in without having to sacrifice the privacy of the dwelling is thus important.

You can still add drama and style into your rooms but provide comfort as well with these bright and economical ideas.

  1. Serene Entrance
entrance bedroom
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Some rooms enjoy the luxury of having a small space right before the actual bed. To create drama in your private space, a serene entrance with flowing draperies or musical chimes will definitely create that relaxing and tropical relaxing feel inside your homes. You can also opt to choose a glass sliding door with installed blinds or drapes perfect for those private moments.

  1. Luxurious Floor to Ceiling Windows
floor to ceiling windows
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Floor-to-ceiling Windows create that regal feeling inside our homes. You will definitely feel like a Queen or a King looking over the lands you have conquered while standing in front of your massive windows. Your privacy will not be compromised as long as you place shutters or blinds onto these massive openings. Blockout blinds Melbourne are perfect to prevent the sunlight from entering your private abode anytime you want to or need to.

  1. Dark Soothing Colors
dark bedroom
Photo credit: white black via Flickr

Bright colors stimulate our creativity and thinking. Dark soothing colors, on the other hand, stimulate relaxation making such a perfect theme for your rooms. You could opt to have stained glass windows or place blinds with darker tones for that romantic and relaxing ambiance inside your rooms.

  1. Modernized Roman Shades

Roman shades now come in several interesting designs that will suit your room or your personality. It can even serve as the focal point inside your rooms.

  1. Bold Patterns

Windows with bold patterns and moldings creates a certain grand and regal effect for your rooms. Match it together with honeycomb blinds for that special dramatic effect every time the sunlight tries to come in.

  1. Colorful Drapes
Photo credit: coco+kelley via Flickr

Drapes are also creative ways on how you can decorate your windows. Unfortunately, unlike blinds, they are harder to maintain.

  1. Bedroom Focal Point

Your windows can be your room’s main focal point. You can decorate it with a unique colored window shutter to create an optical illusion in your rooms. Several designs are also available for window drapes and blinds that you can install in your focal windows.

  1. Dual Material Draperies

Besides installing blinds and shutters onto your windows, you can still place draperies in your windows for that homey and dramatic effect. The good thing about this is that the drapes will not accumulate dirt that much thanks to the protection offered by the blinds installed in your windows.

Looking for more bedroom window design inspirations? Here’s for your today’s fix:

Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Window Treatments (traditionalhome.com)


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