3 Themed Bedroom Design Ideas to Inspire You Today

Wouldn’t it be great to spend a third of your life in a bedroom of your dreams? Healthy adults need at least six hours of solid sleep, though some, like me, often prefer to doze off longer than usual. I hope you’ll agree the quality of sleep matters more than the duration. For me, the ambiance makes all the difference between a good night’s (or day’s) sleep, and eight hours wasted on wakeful tossing and turning.

I’m writing from a wholesome point of view: the bedroom IS where the magic happens, in solid and deep sleep. That being said, I once dreamt I was sleeping in a cosy country house; would’ve been nice until I woke up in my blah apartment bedroom. But that was years ago when I shared space with a roomie with a nasty bathroom habit, and – well, I’m digressing.

My point is you should redesign your bedroom into living space you’ll actually enjoy. Lighting plays a big part in creating the ideal ambiance; if you’re a night owl, then blinds, shutters, and outdoor awnings contribute to a good day’s sleep.

Go beach-y

A beach-themed bedroom offers a treat to the senses, even if you live deep in the city or inland. It’s all about the interior design; for me, a beach-themed room is stacked with furniture and fixture collected throughout many travels, so it doesn’t necessarily have to evoke one theme. People aren’t told what a theme is; they just see it. If this rings bells of flea markets and thrift shops, odds and ends contribute to the bigger picture.

Canopied beds, anyone?

For me, canopied beds are synonymous to luxurious living; beds have to be large and four-posted to deserve a canopy, though. The setup also deserves a traditional, majestic room, one which preferably commands a good view of a garden with a gazebo or porch. Canopied beds work with Victorian, Art Noveau, or Bohemian themes. But then you can also throw themes out the window and have a canopied bed on your apartment; it’s practically a separate living space where you can waste your waking hours away.

Opt for a rustic B&B feel

Cottage-style bedroom suggests rustic and bed-and-breakfast, which is perfect for bedrooms set up on the second floor or the attic. Lighting plays a big part in the theme, maximizing daylight as it plays on the heavy fabrics and cumbersome furniture. Large windows are preferable for cottage-themed bedrooms, using outdoor awnings to shade and filter out the glare of sunlight.

I’m sure there are plenty of other themes to consider, and the standard is as good as your imagination (consulting a house designer makes a big difference in the right direction, though). Sleeping like a rock is easy if you’re spent, but the ideal ambiance should set the mood if you need more than forty winks for the night.


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