Why You Should Go for Motorised Blinds


Technology changes every day. Continuous improvements in technology help us in improving the several functions and activities that we do in life. Everything around us is governed by technology. The changes in technology make life and our work easier, simpler, and more convenient.

Home design is already being dominated by technology nowadays. Gates can now be automatically opened and closed, our homes can be kept safe by security alarms and even windows can be motorised as well. Motorised window coverings add up to the list of the improvements in window design and technology.

Natural light is important inside our homes to allow dirt, molds, and other fumes inside our homes to go out. Natural light and air from the outdoors also help ventilate our homes, naturally allowing us to save a few dollars from our electricity bills. An open window also allows us to enjoy and have a glimpse of the beautiful outdoors. Motorised windows can help us make the most out of this simple improvements and surprises in life with convenience.

Imagine yourself not having to get up in bed to open your blinds. With a simple click on the button, you can simply open up your window blinds and enjoy that extra few minutes in bed. You’ll get the feel of the warm morning sun on your cheeks even before you get up.

A lot of people are already starting to embrace the idea of automated windows and window blinds in their homes. It is now becoming a necessity and not merely a trend in our homes.

Modern houses are already starting to incorporate electric blinds and windows in their homes for several reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why motorised shades are now conquering the home design scene.

motorised blinds
Photo credit: Galveston.com via Flickr
  1. Convenience

Imagine having to open high windows everyday and shutting them close at dawn. This could be tiring especially for wall to wall windows or windows on your second floor. You can simply do it in a breeze with motor-powered window blinds.

  1. A good security system

You could organize pre-set timers for your shades. Even when you are still at your office, your window blinds can shut themselves at a scheduled time. Accessing your blinds and opening them up before actually entering your home is also possible. Control is something you can fully enjoy with automated window blinds.

  1. No more tangled wires

Having motorised window blinds eliminates those cords and wires in your window shades. You do not have to worry about kids playing around the cords of your blinds anymore. A classic and elegant appeal is also added into your homes with the aesthetic appeal that cord free window blinds offers.

Motorised blinds are indeed one of the best advancement in home design available nowadays. They have become a top necessity for modern and convenient home living.

Here’s more info on motorised shades:

Automatic Window Shades (users.wpi.edu)


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Go for Motorised Blinds

  1. […] It is a shocking truth that in the United States, at least one child (within the age of 7 months to 10 years old) dies each month after being strangled on curtain or blind cords. Reading this statistic scared us, that’s why we immediately made sure that our window blinds are actually safe. Looped cords can be a serious hazard for little tykes. To avoid this, you can opt for automatic ones, like those motorised blinds Melbourne I’ve been considering for some time. […]


  2. […] Automated blinds for your homes windows eliminated the lift cords needed to open or close your blinds since they are battery operated through remote controls. This is the safest and efficient method you can use to child proof your window treatments since the product have already managed to eliminate the threat itself, window cords. With a simple touch of the button, you can automatically lift or lower your blinds. This product also features a safety stop that automatically stops the shades from closing or lifting up. […]


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