To Blinds or Not to Blinds? That Is The Question

Roller Blockout Blinds
Photo credit: Blinds Online via Flickr

Window blinds are very useful home decor that block out the sun, rain, and dust that may enter our homes…causing damage to our furniture. The intense heat combined with moisture can also damage electronic devices inside our homes. Curtains can also do the same for our homes but blinds can definitely perform better over those bulky and massive drapes.

Here are some of the reasons why blinds should be a necessary fixture inside our homes.

  1. Control over brightness and shading

Blinds offer full control on the brightness and shading we want and feel comfortable with at home. Unlike curtains, blinds also have a better capacity when it comes to absorbing heat and keeping it out of our homes. A good option for this are double roller blinds Melbourne, which include sunscreens perfect for summer and also great for winter when trying to keep our homes warm and cozy.

kitchen window
Photo credit: foreverfrida via Flickr
  1. Aesthetically pleasing

Curtains may offer several designs that matches well with our furniture and wall paints but blinds can do the same as well. Having blinds instead of curtains in our homes creates that modern and airy feel in our abode. Drapes tend to make a room look old or bulky at times. Strategically placed blinds and shutters add that certain degree of sleekness and class inside our dwellings. It looks neat and tidy and creates that clean and breathable ambiance in our homes. Redecorating is also a breeze with blinds.

  1. Blinds are a healthier choice

Blinds do not accumulate too much dirt compared to curtains. Vertical blinds, as an example, rarely accumulate dirt and dust even without cleaning it for a long period of time. When blinds do accumulate dirt, it is very easy to notice it because the sudden change in color will be noticeable. Curtains, on the other hand, can bring surprisingly a ton of dust and dirt that the naked eye could fail to notice instantly. Kids can catch diseases when hiding behind dusty drapes and curtains. This is not possible when blinds are installed in our windows.

kid in the window
Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Flickr
  1. Secure and easy to clean

Blinds are more secured compared to curtains. You can always keep the inside of your homes away from the prying eyes of your neighbors or from robbers. Motorized blinds can be pre-set to open and to close according to a workable schedule that fits your needs. You can open and close your blinds even without your presence at home. Cleaning is also a pleasant experience when it comes to blinds. Imagine a pile of drapes and curtains in your laundry area, definitely not a perfect sight to behold at. Dusting blinds every now and then saves you a lot of time allowing you to spend more time with the family or with a hobby you enjoy.

What do you guys think? What’s your pick? Let me know below!

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